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Increase and Controle You Mind Power



You can control and increase your Mind Power. And be aware that you can reach out far with your mind power. Your Mind is outside of space and time. There are no limitations. To increase your mind power you have to exercise your mind.

Here is one exercise to increase your focus. Start focusing on one item and stay focused as long as you can. If you do this several times a day for a period of a few weeks, your concentration will increase and so will your mind power. You can increase your mind power with means such as subliminals. A powerful booster of mind power is when you exercise calmness of mind. When you mind is calm, the full potential of your mind will open for you to be used.

To take advantage of the full potential of your mind power, think of your mind as the conscious and the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is all you have stored in your system. A means to get access to the unconscious mind is meditation. For example, if you have a problem and you can quickly find a solution, meditate for about 20 minutes, when you come out of the state of meditation you will know the solution. In a few cases it can take a few days.

A scientist has found out that we all feel in advance what will happen next, be it something in your life or something which happens somewhere in the world. I say that you should control your feelings and do whatever you can to feel great, to be in a great mood to be happy. Do not make happiness dependent on anything! Too many are unhappy when something they awaited did not happen or they mean that they would be happier if something specific would happen. They happier you are the higher your frequency of vibration, which is responsible for what happens in your life.
I mention this, because if you want to control your mind power, you first have to control your feeling. Feelings and thoughts are the same. If you control your thoughts you control your feelings. If you feel good, you will have positive thoughts. And only then you will be able to take advantage of your fill mind potential.

Body and mind are dependent on each other as long as we are alive. If you are not feeling good physically, your mind cannot full work. If you have a lack of sleep, part of your mind will sleep, even though you are not at all aware of that. If you are overweight, you cannot take advantage of your full mind potential. For full mind power potential you have to feel good, be physically fit and healthy, get enough sleep regularly and regularly exercise your mind.

Imaginations are stronger as what you do in your real life. If you want to increase your mind power, imagine the great outcomes when you have an increased mind power. After some time of daily imaginations you will automatically do what is essential to increase your mind power and it will function better, because of the imaginations and the exercises.


Mind Power Perfection
Mind Power And It’s Limitless Abilities
There are no limitations to the mind.

Prepare Your Mind to improve Your Mind Power
- Train Your Mind to improve and expand Your Mind Power
- Perfect Your Mind to increasingly approach Mind Power Perfection

Expand The Space In Which You Think

Albert Einstein used much more of his Mind Power as most people in history. His formula for high mind power sounds easy: He fully focused on one certain subject without having his mind wander.

To fully concentrate you have to close the door, switch off the telephones and whatever appliances are running and then sit down and focus reading a book or on working on a project. Write down the time when you start and the moment you catch yourself thinking of something else, look at the time.

If you were able to be fully focused on your project for at least one hour or even several hours, you do not need the offered training session. The mind of most people wanders after less than a couple of minutes. Usually it takes them some time until they are aware that they are not fully focused. If you are one of them and you want to improve your mind power significantly, you should take advantage of this free training lesson.

Think, how much more you would get done would you be able to fully focus on one specific subject or project. Your thoughts would be clear, you would see the entirety and be aware of details. You would highly increase your productivity, make a lot more money and have more leisure time.

Think for a moment, how your life would change, if you could get hands on the formula that enables you to keep your focus on one specific subject or project for as long as it takes you to finish it.

Mind Power Perfection and Your Belief System

Mind PowerOur mind power is able to change our world and you can change yours.
To understand this fact better and to make it work, you must be definite to believe this fact.
It is not very known that not only Jesus walked on water. In Matthäus 14,22-33 Jesus asks his disciples to go into the boat and go ahead of him to the other side of Lake Gennesaret. After praying, Jesus followed the boat walking on the water. His disciples thought it must be a ghost, but Jesus said that they do not need to be afraid. Peter said that if it is really him, he should tell him to walk toward him on the water. Jesus said he should come. Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus. When he got aware that he walked on the water, which he could not imagine to be able to do, he got afraid and began to sink. Lord, help me, he cried. Jesus reached out his hand, pulled him up and said: “You of little faith, why did you doubt?” 

Jesus wanted us to know, that when our believe is strong enough, we can make everything happen. He was not able to make Peter walk on water. Only Peter’s believe could do that. This is real mind power perfection and we can perfect our mind by strengthening our believe system. In the bible we can read several times, in the New Testament and in the Genesis, that our mind power is limitless. I guess that in other religious books we can find the same message.

Even though we are often told by modern “gurus” that we only have to strongly believe and we can change everything we want and as we want, we still are unable to activate our faith to it’s full strength and change our reality the way we so much wish it would be. It might be that our subconscious mind is holding us back.

Ignite Ultimate Brain Power


FaithBob Proctor’s definition of Faith
: Faith is the ability to see the invisible (= to see something on the screen of your conscious mind that no one else can see) and believe the incredible. Your subconscious mind is universal subconscious mind, which has the absolute mind power, which takes anything you give to it and it automatically moves what you saw (imagined) into form with and through you. This will make you see what you used to call “impossible”.

How does this work?
You build an idea in your conscious mind, you turn it over to the subconscious, that instantly alters the vibration your entire body and mind is in. And that sets up an attractive force, that attracts the things that you need for the manifestation of your idea.
You have to get an understanding of how the mind works to perfectly use the power of your mind, and that is taught in Bob Proctor’s SixMinutesToSuccess. He says that we have and can learn to control our mind, which is the real power we have. Controlling our powerful mind and having a strong faith, we can make everything happen. He says that you can earn Millions of Dollars, setting up multiple sources of income. Though you have to get the consciousness of a rich person


Our mind was programmed since birth, sadly to often with a limited belief system. The power of our mind was directed into a wrong direction. With limiting believes we set limits ourselves. With negative emotions we are hurting ourselves. It is a habit to eliminate limits and have but positive emotions.

Change Your Belief SystemTo change a wrong programmed belief system not only in our conscious mind, but more so in our subconscious mind, we are offered quite a number of means (off- and online - books, DVDs, coaching programs, software like subliminals), which help us to perfect our mind power, but too few take advantage of them as their wrong believe system doesn’t let them believe that a concept, which is not known well enough to them yet, would make everything in their life easier.

Why do most of us invest so little into themselves? So much money is spent for food, but how little most people spend for food for their mind. Mind power
perfection is not anything someone is born with. We have to nourish our mind well and exercise it regularly. To take advantage of coaching and of other powerful tools, which helps you to bring enormous positive changes into your life and increase your mind power, is the right path to Mind Power Perfection.
Start now to perfect your mind power and soon reach your goals.

The message of pictures in wish videos and vision boards are working with pictures which are reaching our subconsciousness. You are offered brain entrainment systems which are subliminal recordings. You are offered numerous books, which explain what you can do to increase our mind power and make your God given abilities work at it’s best. But you have to consciously think and some time of the day you should think in a programmed way. How many times a day do you Think consiouslyconsciously think about what you think? I believe that there is no person in this world today, who absolutely understands how powerful our minds are and able to use it to it’s fullest potential, because there is not one person, who has been educated since birth to use his mind power to it’s fullest. There are children’s books in which we are explained how powerful our mind is, but at the same time we are told that all this is not real, that it is only an imagination. Today we are told that the imagined can easily become reality, but only a few understand this fact. It will take more than another generation, until we will start to learn to use the full potential of our powerful mind.

First you have to
watch what you think. Do not think about something you do not want. Do entertain your mind only with what you want in your life. Do not wish anyone bad luck as then bad luck will come into your life. Wish anyone happiness and happiness will be in your life. Wishing others without exception happiness, will make you feel happy and fill you with positive emotions of happiness, which you will radiate and draw happiness toward you. This sounds simple, but is part of Mind Power Perfection as taught by Bob Proctor.

To read that we should watch what we think, sounds easy. But how many times a day do you entertain a thought with limited believe? You might say: “Come on! Did you ever see a man walk on water?” Yes, I did. It was a young man who, during his childhood, was very much into himself and he grew up in the countryside. He read a lot and seemed to be more of a dreamer (that is how we wrongly call those people). He was not so much brainwashed from TV, the impressions of a large town or from friends and he was lucky that his parents have let him live in his dream that everything is possible. As he walked on water, which was seen by a little crowed, he said: “There is nothing special about it.”
A little girl, who had watched a lizard, who lost it’s tail, whch then grew back, had a cut away a fingertip, said: “This will grow back soon.” And it did!.

Belief, or call it faith, is the Secret to Mind Power Perfection. With newly programming your mind, especially your subconscious mind you can change your life significantly. But the first step is a conscious thought: That you want to turn your life around.
There are several tools which help to increase your mind power. One of them are Manifesting Subliminals (= Brain Entrainment Audio Recordings)

Another tool which will help you to improve and accompany you on your path to mind power perfection are MindMovies - They bring a tremendous change, as your subconsciousness is directly targeted and brought into balance with your consciousness. When your conscious and subconscious mind have the same goal, it will be realized. Often this is not the case, which can’t be changed with conscious thoughts, but with tools, which work their way into all of your being. A Mindmovie is made by yourself, with your wishes, and goals by means of affirmations and images chosen from you. How this works you are explained in

Can an adult, who has been wrongly programmed, still achieve mind power perfection? If you don’t start to exercise your powerful mind and get taught how to perfect it, you will never know. We might not be able to perfect our mind power, but we surely can increase it. Start using your mind consciously today and give some time to it every single day.

Start to train your mind power to increase the chance to get nearer toward mind power perfection!

Ignite Ultimate Brain Power




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