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Improve with Hypnosis

With Hypnosis it is easier to dissolve inner barriers to improve on your attempt to reach Mind Power Perfection, a state in which you are able to manifest quicker, which means you will be able to perceive the opportunities you chose to live  a great and fulfilled life faster. As you see that you can reach your goals, you will raise your expectations successively.

You must understand that you have to bring your subconscious mind in line with your consciously chosen goals, as the subconscious mind is the engine to all you want to achieve. In too many cases the subconscious mind is not programmed to believe that almost all you imagine is possible to achieve, because from childhood on we have been repetitively told that we can’t have all we want. And so the subconscious mind is working against our goals to make us not achieve them.

It is not easy and hardly possible to bring the subconscious mind in line with the conscious mind only with our will and with thoughts. One help here, and it is a very effective way, is hypnosis. You can absolutely improve with hypnosis and successfully bring your subconscious mind in line with your conscious wants.

The problem Freud and many others during his time and after him had, was that they brought people into a too deep state of mind. Today this is well known that hypnosis works much better, when it is done in only a very relaxed state of mind, a state in which you are relaxed and still fully conscious of yourself.

What reality is, is based on the belief system of each person. Some say that everything is particles in movement and energy and others say that everything is an illusion based on the imagination of each single person. Most say that we are able to create with our thoughts and that we can form our lives based upon our wishes. But we have to keep in mind that the universe in which someone lives overlaps the universe of others, whereby we do influence each other. Most important is always what we think, supported by the subconscious mind. We shape our life with our thoughts.

And here we come back to hypnosis, which helps us getting the subconscious mind in line with the conscious mind and shape our life based upon our conscious wishing. With self-hypnosis we can better pretend that what we think is already real and having put more energy to the thought the conscious wish will become real.

If you want to change your life or change part of it, you first have to think it. If there are thoughts which are contrary to what you want, you have to take advantage of helpful and effective products as for example vision boards, mind movies, subliminals or hypnosis. Message brought while you listen to a subliminal is going right into the subconscious mind, who is the master of what will become your reality.

Think about your past life and how much you and your subconscious mind have been influenced, by others – your parents, the school, TV, radio and the internet. Though thanks to the internet you have the opportunity to see, hear and read what you find is right for you and your future life. With controlled thoughts, supported by mind movies, subliminals and hypnosis, you can more and more get independent of being influenced by others and shape out of your thoughts the life you really want. All these means will help you keep your thoughts focused on the outcome of your thoughts and create the life you will enjoy to live.

Hypnosis recordings require your mental participation, and you should listen to them when you are in a relaxed state of mind. To subliminal recordings you can listen any time during the day, even while you work. You do not loose any time and if you have no time to lay down for an hour once a day, subliminals are best.

Listen to a 3A Subliminal
once a day and change your inner programming, yourself, your life


Can You Change The Programming of Your Subconsious Mind With Hypnosis?

Does Hypnosis help to change the subconscious programming that controls your behaviour, your habits and patterns and how efficient is Hypnosis?

These are questions, which have been asked from very beginning when hypnosis was taught at universities and all kinds of tests have been performed. Strangely the outcome of tests have not been congruent, mainly because of the different patients used as subjects in the tests and the different needs of those patients.

It is somewhat strange that when Americans write about hypnosis often point out that they know about hypnosis from stage hypnotists, who got people to do foolish things in front of the audience. I, a born Austrian, know hypnosis as I know something about Freud and that he learned the method of hypnosis from Charcot. Jean-Martin Charcot, also a neurologist, introduced and explained hypnosis at the Sorbonne, University in Paris, and hypnotist people in front of the students. Right from the beginning, Freud used hypnosis on his patients, but found it not efficient.

Other neurologists found out that it depends on the state of mind into which patients are brought during a hypnosis session and that hypnosis is probably less effective if a patient is brought into a too deep state of mind, as for example deeper than theta. Here the opinion if hypnosis is more efficient in the alpha or theta state of mind is diverse. The alpha state of mind is when you are very relaxed. You are in a theta state of mind short before you fall asleep and right after you woke up. In both states of mind you hear if the telephone rings or if someone calls you and you are always able to say no to a suggestion.

On both sides of the Atlantic, people are not sure about the efficacy of hypnosis. First of all, it is absolutely not true that you lose control, even not when you are in a deep trance. If you use a hypnosis recording, you just can’t get deeper than theta, unless you fall asleep, which often happens to me. I guess that the suggestions from the hypnosis recording work like subliminal recordings.

When you listen to a hypnosis recording on a specific subject, for example that you want to lose weight, work more efficiently, make more money, stop smoking, you actually want to make yourself believe the suggestions. And here is the problem. Your subconscious mind knows that you are overweight and that you eat a certain amount of food and with the help of a hypnosis recording you want to change this programming to then eat less in quantity and more healthy foods. In your every day life you can’t stop eating. You constantly go to the kitchen to get a snack and when you are on the street, you can’t just walk or drive by a fast food restaurant, but stop to get a burger or a large portion of French fries. Or you want to manage your time more efficiently, but can’t stop chatting with some friends and one or two hours are quickly lost.

Hypnosis brings you into a relaxed state of mind, which usually is not deeper than alpha and theta, and then you are given suggestions, which should go right into your subconscious mind. Suggestions work best if they bypass the conscious mind. Your habits and patterns are seated in the subconscious mind and control you.

If you say to your self that you will not have another snack before dinner, you will want it so much that you can’t resist and go get yourself another snack, even though you actually are not hungry at all. This is the control of your subconscious mind. You need a very strong will and it hurts going against the programming of the subconscious mind. This is why hypnosis is so great, because it really is supporting you to change the subconscious programming.

What Freud and later neurologists did not know, which is known today, is, that hypnosis gets effective if listened to one and the same suggestions at least for 3 weeks once a day. I recommend listening to a hypnosis recording once a day for at least 4 weeks. Would you go to see a hypnotist thirty times, this would be very costly. Thanks to the opportunity of hypnosis MP3 downloads, where one of them is low in price, to listen to a hypnosis is not a question of costs.

If you want to lose weight, I recommend using hypnosis and a good diet program, goes will go hand in hand to become efficient. Using also hypnosis to losing weight, you will experience that it is much easier to follow and stay on your weight loss diet.

I myself use hypnosis and subliminals and feel that it is a process. What I want to achieve with a certain hypnosis, I also think consciously that it already is part of my life and slowly it creeps into my system. I believe it is not enough to just listen to hypnosis, no matter how often you listen to it. I experienced that when I only use my will to change a certain behaviour, sooner or later I lapse back into the old pattern. While using both, hypnosis and will, I change the behaviour and stick to it. I am busy and so I prefer subliminals.



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