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You constantly manifest with your thoughts, your words, Manifet What You Wantyour feelings, but also with what you hear and perceive. If you don’t control your manifestations consciously, just let things happen, things and situations will manifest that you don’t want.

Be careful about your thoughts and what you say, be very careful about what you entertain your mind with (talks with others, the medias such as TV, radio, internet, newspapers) as the subconscious mind will take all kinds of messages as a command and will do whatever it can to realize it. For example, if you often hear that the economy is bad and you accept this message, yours subconscious mind will do whatever it can that your personal economy is bad. The result might be that you lose money or even your job, respectively you go bankrupt.

If you don’t accept what you hear about the economy, but think that your financial situation is better than ever before, that your company is prospering and that the economy of the world of others is giving you new opportunities, your subconscious mind will help you to find opportunities, which gives you the advantage to make even more money as in any other economic situation.


But how can you manifest what you want

The manifestation process is complex. It is making perceivable what already exists. Subatomic particles change their assembling through the change of your frequency of vibration. I will explain this in a very easy to understand way.

We think in pictures. A thought and/or spoken word is connected with a specific picture, which is different for each individual. What you think or say is converted into a picture. Each picture ignites a specific feeling, which is different for each individual. Each feeling makes you act in a specific way. The actions produce results.

an Image activates a specific feelingWhat picture you subconsciously connect with a certain word, depends on how your belief system is programmed and what experiences you have made in your life. People who have experienced the devastation the ocean can bring about (tsunami), will have other pictures coming up if someone says something about a vacation at an ocean, while others think of sun, warmth, running along the beach and having fun.

Each picture activates another feeling. The photo of an ocean front resort with people lying in the sun and blue sky will usually activate a wonderful feeling, but for people who have experienced a tsunami will feel fear and abomination. The photo of an ocean front resort can get some people to think of booking a summer vacation and maybe make the booking, while others, who prefer to go to the mountains for vacation, will do nothing about it.

Each kind of feeling activates a certain frequency of vibration. Two things happen that together start the manifestation process.

First: Images and feelings are understood by the subconscious mind, which will start to get active to get what a certain pictures represents for an individual into his life, meaning it will help to manifest what was thought.

A specific feeling activates a specific frquency of vibrationSedond: The frequency of vibration attracts things and people with the same frequency of vibration and drives away things and people with a different frequency of vibration. Subatomic particles are formed to what the person thought.

Everything, which we perceive, even our bodies, consists of subatomic particles. They sometimes change into waves. Waves are making an interference pattern. Particles make dots and can also make interference patterns. What is important here, is, that particles/waves vibrate and it depends on the frequency of vibration to what it is formed. The particles that make up a human body vibrate differently as particles that make up a mountain, a chair, a car, etc..

Objects and living species that vibrate with a specific frequency attract objects, respectively living species with the same frequency of vibration. This is the law of vibration, also a law in quantum physics and the most important part of the law of attraction.

I am sure you have heard a person say about another, that he/she is on his/her wave length. It is the frequency of vibration that is meant.

Raise the Frequency of Vibration to manifestIf you can’t get yourself into the frequency of vibration of what you want to attract, the law of attraction does not function. It does not function, because the most important ingredient is missing.

The frequency of vibration radiates over long distances, actually it almost doesn’t know any distance. All what a certain frequency of vibration attracts results in situations that are compatible with this specific frequency of vibration.

This is the reason why all personal development coaches emphasize that you shall focus your thoughts on what you want, that you should write down what you want and make plans to manifest you wants. They all say that you should be very precise. Thinking about what you want is the first step of the manifestation process. Every moment you spend thinking about what you want and making plans count. But you see the feeling is more important as thoughts.

If you have thoughts that contradict with what you want, you will not manifest it. If you plan to start an online business and you can’t imagine that this will ever work out, than it will not work out, as your thought that it can’t work out will ignite a feeling of fear. Your subconscious mind will do anything it can, that you don’t have a prosperous internet business. What happens is, even thought you work hard, your internet business will not become successful.

Would you look for a work, which you love, you will lose the fear of failure. You would be passionate about it, put your effort and time into it and become successful. Translated to the internet business, you would choose a topic that really interests you so much that you love to spend time writing articles and post them to get higher rankings in search engines.

be passionate about what you wantIf you are passionate about something, you activate a wonderful and strong feeling, which will result in a higher frequency of vibration, which is the most important ingredient to actually manifest what you want.



The ingredients of manifesting

Thoughts and words: Everything there is was preceded by a thought or word. With thoughts and words you can control your future life.

Images: You can control your life also with images. You can choose images that represent wishes. You have to imagine these images often.

Feelings: If you know the corresponding feeling of an image that represents a wish, you only have to get yourself feeling that certain way. This means that you have to feel as if you wish is already fulfilled.

Frequency of Vibration: If you know the frequency of vibration that manifests what you want and if you can get yourself into that specific vibration, try to stay in it until your wish is fulfilled.

This explains why speaking affirmations out loud, but not visualizing the final result and not feeling it, can’t bring the wanted result.


How can you get yourself into a specific frequency of vibration to manifest what you want

Highly effective means that help you to get into the right frequency to then manifest what you want are hypnosis and subliminals.


Get yourself into a higher frequency of vibration to manifest what you want

Get What You WantAs a child you have been very joyful as you were looking forward to receive a gift which you wanted. Or as you where looking forward to go dancing, you have been in a joyful mood, walked daintily and started to prepare yourself for the evening, thinking what you will wear and thinking forward having a great evening.

This is what you should do to get into a higher frequency of vibration. Look cheerfully forward to get what you want, dance and sing whenever possible and prepare yourself for all the wonderful things which will soon happen in your life. Hear (imagined) music in your ears as you walk and stay in a joyful mood throughout the day.

Determine what you want, make plans and look forward to get it with hundred percent certainty.


How you can learn to manifest

Learn To Manifest What You WantStart to manifest a wish that is easy and quick to fulfil. Continue to manifest with another wish that is easy and qucik to fulfil. Make a list of all you wishes, then go through this list and mark all wishes that are easy to fulfil.

If you manifest something that is easy to manifest, your belief that you are able manifest it easily and quickly will be strengthened. With each manifestation you will manifest faster. Doing that you will condition yourself to manifest easily and quickly.

After you have manifested some wishes that are easy to be fulfilled, start to manifest a wish that is little bit difficult to be fulfilled. Every manifestation will be done faster and with every next manifestation it will be easier.


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