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How to visualize

How To Visualize to get results


Use your Mind Power as you visualize and improve your life exactly the way you want. The more important part of your mind power for doing this is your subconscious mind. Visualization is a powerful, maybe the most powerful mind power technique there is. Whatever techniques or helpful tools you use to visualize, visualization builds the basis of everything which comes into your reality. Thoughts are energy and when thoughts are in line and therefore supported by your subconscious mind, this energy, targeted toward your visualization goals, gets ignited.

Athletes not only exercise, they also visualize there performance. Sportsman, who visualize there performance, are a lot better than those, who only exercise. Our subconscious mind and its programming has a much stronger impact on your life as our conscious thoughts. But the subconscious mind needs repetitions to understand and to get active.

Whatever you wish in life, visualize it daily at least twice, and you will manifest it much faster as if you try hard to get it, no matter if it is a wish you have, a goal you want to reach or a situation you would like to have happen. The more often you visualize the faster your wishes will manifest.

As soon as your conscious mind is in line with your subconscious mind, meaning that what you want is in harmony with the programming of your subconscious mind, things will function very smoothly as if you have a genie, who did the hard work.


You can learn how to visualize with the ecourse The Creative Visualization System. In this course you learn 8 visualization techniques and how to implement them. You will learn that you can visiualize any time with open as with your eyes closed.

As this visualization tool is so very powerful you should first plan very well what you want to have realized in your life and what you will visualize. In your imaginations you find what you really want in life. You then make a plan, and focus at the beginning on a few of your goals, wishes and desires. Make a priority list and follow it step by step. Instead of visualizing all you want in your life at once, focus on one or just a few of your goals and wishes. You will be stunned how quickly you will be visualizing those targets as it is easier to focus on one or just a few specific goals.

You then go to the next point on your priority list, make a mind movie representing these goals and focus your visualizations on these targeted goals. You will have realized the end result of your visualizations much quicker as if you try to visualize all you want in life at once and try hard to not lose the vision of all your goals, that actually is a complex tree of goals. So start with one or a few goals.

Imagine a six or seven year old child would have to focus on all subjects it will have during 10 years of school at once. It would be overwhelmed and would fail. It is just not possible. We have never learned to focus on something so complex as an entire life. So first figure out what already is in your life, which you do not want to change. Then figure out what you want to change. Third, figure out what is missing to get where you want to be in life. Make a priority list and build up your visualizations.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to visualize


When you change one aspect of your life, everything else in your life will change. So when you focus to visualize and make a mind movie for one goal, everything else will also change and when you start to visualize your next goal, the basis of the realization of this goal will already have been set. That means the further down you get on your priority list of goals the easier and quicker you will visualise the next goal.

How to visualize with Wish Videos

When someone asks me: How to visualize? – I know that he knows what visualization is and that it is about seeing a desired outcome or a certain object he wants, while being relaxed and having the eyes closed. By asking, he rather means: How to visualize to get quick results?

The visualization of a certain object should be preceded by making a plan. What do you need to get it? If it is only money, combine the visualisation of this specific object with a money goal. Think what you could do to earn more money and put images representing this “additional goal” together with the images of the desired object into your mind movie. Look for images representing you be successful in whatever you chose to do to make more money. This is how to visualize successfully. This is the missing link that was missing in “The Secret”. In Mind Movies you can put a goal-package together.

When you, in the pre-digital time, wanted a new car and could not afford it, you would start thinking, how you could get the money for it together. Not enough savings, then you needed to find a way to make this money. If you worked more than one job, made a little more money, you might have lost the view of the desired car. In a mind movie you bring the necessary aspects together and watch this mind movie until you achieved the goal = the car stands in front of the house. Visualizing with wish videos everything you desire comes into your reality much quicker.
It is a universal law that when energy is focused on a certain point, as in visualizations, the energy will get into the desired form. The reason why so many people are not successful in many aspects of their lives, is that they focus on problems they have instead of the positive things there are and building up on what there already is. Too many people do not realize how many wonderful things there are in their lives. They are constantly nagging about what they don’t have, instead of being grateful for what they do have. The mind power they actually possess is lost as it is never fully used. And then so few people take advantage of the great technology we have today to change every aspect of our life as desired in a relative short period of time.

Visualizing with wish videos is a breakthrough. Seeing your mind movie at least twice a day, the images will continue to be there the rest of the day and so the visualization process will go on continuously.

In this Video you will see how to Mind Movies and the SSA-Program >>
Mind Movies is fun, easy and effective.


My experience with visualizing: During the months I worked on my dissertation and prepared myself for the state examinations to get the doctorate, I again and again was looking forward to the party I would give after the ceremony at the university. I saw myself holding the dark red doctorate role and literally heard applause. The reality of that moment was much more powerful, the applause much louder as in my visualizations, but I never lost the outcome of my hard work and this made me stick to working on my dissertation, studying for the esams and get things done, which were necessary to reach the desired outcome.
In those days mind movies did not exist. I used hypnosis and subliminals.
Today I use mind movies to reach my goals. Visualizing with Mind Movies has definitely changed my life tremendously.


How to Visualize with the Conventional Visualization Technique
Visualizing with Your Eyes Closed

Visualizing is very powerful for changing your life. It is best to visualize in the alpha and theta state of mind, which is when you are on the way to fall asleep and immediately when you awake. Visualizing is giving a command to your subconscious mind.

1.The visualization
2.The bedroom

Prepare Your Visualization

Think of a script for what you will visualize. If you have a list of wishes, choose one. Take one wish at a time and start to visualize a next wish after this one wish is fulfilled. Find an image which represents the fulfilled wish. See several sequences about the fulfilled wish and make notes or write the whole script (a short story). Exercise the visualization of this wish several times during the day, so you know what to visualize when you go to sleep.

Prepare Your Bedroom
If you sleep well, you mind will work well while you sleep!
Temperature: Some say it is good to sleep in a colder room, others mean that a temperature of about 680 F/20o C is best. If you use air condition and it is not too hot outside, it is best to switch it off. My advice: The room should not be too cold.

Noiseless and dark room: There should be no noise and the room should be dark, so switch off all electric appliances, which make any noise or light. If you use an alarm with a digital clock which has the time constantly lighted, put something over it, such as an open magazine where one part is on top of the clock and the other covering the lighted time.

Pillow: The pillow should be highest in the neck. It is good for your spine and your neck will get less wrinkles with aging. Best is a neck roll filled with cotton and rice. Neck rolls you usually get are too soft.

Scents: Scents are great for a good sleep. Use natural aroma oils and not the chemical sprays. Look up what kind of scents are best for a good sleep and there are scents which make you dream more. Lavender is always good. If you get fresh lavender, hang it near the pillow.

Mattress: The mattress should not be older than eight years. A little harder mattress is better. Futons are great. Try to get a mattress filled with natural fillers, such as cotton.

Don’t watch TV before you fall asleep. Whatever runs on TV, irritates and it will be kind of carried into your dreams. If you have a TV in your bedroom, switch it off before you are so tired that you quickly fall asleep. You need time for thinking and visualizing.

Leave your phones outside of your bedroom. Should you hear it ringing through the door, switch it off. If there might come in a call and if the call is important or not, you will get the message in the morning.

Keep problems and your to-do-list out of your bedroom. If you are facing problems, write them on a piece of paper, which you keep outside of the bedroom. Tell yourself that you will be thinking about these problems the next day. See your bedroom as an island of bliss and keep anything disturbing your island outside, also don’t take it with you in your head.

Don’t take any sleeping ads, you then don’t have a regular sleep and your body gets used to it, which is absolutely not good in the long run.

When you go to bed, have the light switched off and close your eyes, get the images, which you have prepared, into your mind. You can look at one image or you can see things as movie. See yourself already having what you wish and see yourself doing with it what you will, when your wish is fulfilled. Repeat in the morning right after you woke up. And do this every night and every morning until this wish is fulfilled. Then you can prepare a other visualization for a next wish.

Visualizing alone does not create anything

Visualizing doesn’t create anything. Visualizing is supportive, but without planned action nothing will happen. Act upon your plans and visualize often.

I was told from a reader that one of her girlfriends has tried to visualize losing weight and having wishes fulfilled and that this young woman is now very depressed as nothing has happened.

If you sit at home with closed eyes, trying to visualize all your wants, munching anything eatable you get into your fingers, and not doing anything, nothing will happen, except that you will put on more weight and body fat.

Visualizing is only one part of manifesting. You have to make plans and act upon your plans. Only action brings real results.

Let us assume, you want to lose weight and you want new clothes and enough money to pay for everyday life and some luxuries.

1.Determine your goals:
a)Losing weight, b) money, c) new clothes
B will get you C. So you have 2 main goals.

2.Determine what you have to do to achieve your goals
2a. Find a way how to lose weight and body fat Eat less, eat foods with nutrients that your body needs and workout regularly. Do some research about healthy foods or get a diet program that is based on healthy foods.
2b. Find a way to make money, which is whether to find a job or start your own company

3.Make plans, how you will get done what has to be done to achieve your goals
Planned action will bring results.

3a. Change your eating habits. It is best to change them for good and doing it slow, so that your body is getting used to the different kinds of foods. Stop buying foods that have no nutrients, but are fattening. Instead buy nutrient rich foods that will make you satiated, but are low in calories. Make a list for grocery shopping and only buy what is on the list.
Make a plan in the evening what you will eat the next day and stick to it. Or make a plan for a whole week. If you eat some foods that you should not eat, do not think about it, just go ahead to stick to your eating plans as good as you can. The more you will get used to it, the easier it will get.

3b. If you have a job you love, but you need more money, speak to your boss and ask him how you could earn more money staying in his company. Or find a means to make additional money.
If you decide to start an own company, first plan it well. You have to have enough savings or get funds for two years, because it usually takes two years from the moment you start your company until you reach the break-even point, which means, until your profit is higher as all ependitures (including taxes).

4.Visualizing and Action
Visualizing is supporting you, but not actually creating anything. Visualizing will get your subconscious mind in line with your consciously planned goals.
You have to get active. Without action, nothing will happen.

4a. Visualizing once, will not change the programming about the shape of your body in the subconscious mind. You have to visualize your new body image every day through weeks. A vision has to be repeated until the programming of your subconscious mind changes. The more often you visualize the easier it will be to chose healthy foods versus fattening foods.

As you are on the way to change your eating habits, you will feel better and see some weight drop. You will be looking forward to lose the excess body fat and more and more believe that you can make it. This feeling is giving you the support to deal with hunger and not grab foods that you shouldn’t eat.
This is a process and is gradual. You can’t await that your body gets used to different eating habits and eating different foods as you are used to over night. It takes time. Depending how bad your eating habits have been, it can take a few weeks till months. Be patient. Depending how much weight you have to lose, it will take a few months till a few years. The slower you lose excess weight the better. Just think that this is for the rest of your life.

4b. If you decided to establish an own company, make plans: Make a one year plan, one month plan and daily plans.
What do you need to get this company going? What do you have to do to get this company going?
Write down every evening what you have to do next day and in the morning start with the first note. While you do it, concentrate your attention on it, until it is done. Then get on with the next thing that has to be done.
Do not visualize the money, but the joy of being successful and what you will do with the money.

5. As visualizating also the use of subliminal recordings are supportive. They help to change the programming of your subconscious mind quite effectively, because subliminals bypass the conscious mind. There are subliminals, which support you changing several aspects of your life such as the Money Mentalism Subliminal Video Series.

To sum this up: Visualizing is supportive, but without planned action nothing will happen.


Mental Imagery (= visualizing) helps you to achieve your goals

With highly developed mental imagery you can achieve your goals almost effortlessly. Mental imagery has to be exercised and doubt eliminated.

How many times have we read how important self confidence is in whatever you want to accomplish. I want to change this into: If you believe to achieve your goals, you will accomplish them. Note: With belief I mean absolute certainty.

To believe is beyond being self confident. It is not only the belief in you, but the belief that something, which has not yet materialized, will soon be materialized.

Of course, if you do not believe in yourself, it will be difficult to believe that something will materialize, which depends on your abilities. But not only! To believe that something specific will materialize is based on your visionary power, also called mental imagery.

Are you able to concentrate mentally, meaning in your imagination seeing that something already exists – without any doubt? This is a power which anyone can develop. Learn again to dream like a child and dream often.

Mental imagery is very powerful. The result is a certain attitude of the mind, which determines action.

You need an inner vision to make this power work. Or should I better call it a powerful force. You have to resolve your problems first mentally to be able to solve them in real life. This means that to solve a problem any action has to be preceeded by the mental imagery of it being solved.

I know, this is not easy, but it is absolutely possible for anyone.

What you need for Mental Imagery

1.A vision – You have to know what you want and get a picture that represents you goals and wishes.
2.You have to exercise to see your vision.
3.Develop your mental powerfulness exercising mental imagery daily.
4.Eliminate all doubts.

So many people give up quickly, because they await a quick result. How many years did it take that you could read and right? How many years would it take to learn another foreign language or play a music instrument? It is not any different with mental imagery. You have to exercise it daily for as long as it takes to be able to imagine something and relatively quickly materialize it.

At the beginning, and this period can take weeks to more than a year, it takes patience, perseverance until you master the effectiveness of mental imagery.

With mental imagery the ability of concentration of your thoughts goes hand in hand, because your mental imagery is based on your thoughts, which makes the control of your thoughts indispensable.

When you master mental imagery, all doubts of accomplishing a goal will cease and you will materialize the result of a goal or the object that you wish quicker and quicker.

With mental imagery you alter your frequency of vibration, which has to be in harmony with what you wish to achieve. You then draw conditions and opportunities needed toward you. This can be explained by laws of physics.

If you are in harmony with something, you have the right channel to see (perceive) what you want in your real life. Only then you will be able to condnese particles to become perceivable matter, which I call materialization.

If tiny bits of doubt creep into your thoughts or into your imagery, you will be set back and it will take longer to materialize whatever you wish.

There is nothing positive about doubt. It doesn’t do or get you anything. So why do we all doubt again and again? It’s conditioned. We have learned to doubt from early childhood on. To doubt became a habit. To change a habit, you have to replace it with another. Replace doubt with certainty. You already know that this is done by repetition. Condition yourself to be certain to materilze what you wish in a certain period of time. Do it over and over again, until you are certain that what you imagine will become reality.

Using mental imagery is learnable. It has to be exercised. It should be used daily.

Mental imagery doesn’t mean that anything happens if you just think of it. Not at all. Massive action is necessary. Only action brings results. In this world nothing really happens without action. Mental imagery is supporting the materialization. It gives you the necessary force to be active. It will guide you into the right direction.


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