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Mind Movies are a powerful Visualization Tool

You can watch the introduction Mind Movies Intro

If you've ever given up on visualization or have just not seen the precise results you were looking for, you need to watch the video about Mind Movies.

Ryan from Mind Movies interviews Bob Proctor, whom he calls ‘the god of visualization’ who reveals his biggest success secrets and the key to where effective visualization begins.

Ryan from Mind Movies and Bob Proctor

I'm sure you know Bob from the movie The Secret and from his Daily Online Success Coaching Program but what he shares in this video interview is nothing short of inspirational amazingness!

He has such an incredible way of laying it all out, it's like nothing I've ever seen before... he gives a whole new perspective to the Law of Attraction.If you're someone who has ever tried visualization for a few days, but hasn't seen results and has given up or think that to see results you have to spend a few hours a day focusing on what it is you want, but you're busy and there's not always enough time in the day to get to it. Or you have put together a vision board or a Mind Movie, look at it every day but it kind of feels like you're wasting your time as you haven't seen any real life results and the images on it still seem so far out of reach.

You will find the answer in the Interview with Bob Proctor.

Take a look at what Bob has to say and get started doing exactly what he suggests. You'll find that this just could be the missing piece of your manifesting puzzle. I honestly believe this could have a life transforming effect.

Bob Proctor says: "Even if you don't believe in it--do it anyway. My attitude is: if your way isn't working, try mine. I'm doing all right. I'm healthy, happy, and I'm wealthy. I earn more money in one hour than I used to in twenty years. So I must know something. And I know that this works." 

Are you excited? You should be!

It's all totally achievable with a very simple shift in your thinking and actions-- believe me, I've personally experienced how powerful this is and it is truly the key to creating your most perfect life.

So don't be afraid...the answer to living the life you really want to live is revealed right here in this incredible video.


Read more about Mind Movies


A Mind Movie is a short 3 minute video or digital vision board which is a combination of positive affirmations written in present tense, reinforced with powerful photos and images, all chosen yourself, and your most emotionally inspiring music. Creating your own Mind Movie is very effective. The effectiveness comes from choosing photos, images and affirmations yourself and the repetition of viewing your mind movie as often as possible.

By watching your Mind Movie at least twice a day you stay focused on your dreams and desires so that when you take action in the direction of your goals not only will you be taking inspired action but you have also enlisted the universe to provide all the people, places and events, which you need to make your action plan a success.

The Mind Movie Creation Kit provides you with all the programs, templates and step by step video tutorials so it is easy creating your own Mind Movie from start to finish.

So even if you are a complete computer novice, you can easily make your own powerful Mind Movie of your most perfect life. With the Mind Movie Kit you can get started straight away. Creating an effective video will definitely change your life from average to the highest success - if you wish.

This honestly takes applying the Law of Attraction to a whole new level. You will be stunned by the results you will get.

When you read a book, listen to an audio or attend a seminar, your focus shifts for a few days or even a month, then you fall back into previous habits. Watching the Mind Movie twice a day your wish-list is sent to the subconscious which does the heavy work for you. It will let you know what to do to achieve your goals and fulfill your wishes. If you take advantage of the SSA program of Mind Movies, you will be able to have your Mind Movie run continuously as a transparent film on your screen, almost not seen from you consciously, but the subconscious mind will be programmed through the repetitions.

You will be surprised about what you will suddenly start to do, about what kind of people will suddenly appear in your life, what kind of situations you will suddenly find yourself in. All this happens because you got your conscious wishes in line with your subconsciousness. People will say that you just have been at the right time at the right place, but you will know that you have to thank your success to Mind Movies.

Get active by creating your own Mind Movie

Start Getting What You Desire



In this candid interview Ryan really gets the low down from Bob PRoctor on:
*How and why visualization works.
How to get your subconsciousness to agree with your consciousness.
The one thing that can make any visualization tool more effective.
How to ignite your motivation towards any goal.
And more...

Get yourself from being financially dependent to being independent, from living a mediocre life to the lifestyle of the rich, from a little home to a large estate, from driving a slow car to driving a Ferrari, a Mercedes or whatever your choice is. When creating your own Mind Movie you will make all the choices from the style of your home, your car to your lifestyle, and you will also choose the kind of friends you want to be surrounded with.

Start creating your own mindmovie. It is easy. With the Mind Movie Program you get all necessary software and tutorials.

Click to Learn the Real Secrets To Success in a Shocking Video


Enjoy to achieve all your goals and the transformation of your entire life!


Mind Movies is the most effective tool which will help you to achieve all your goals and fulfil every wish you have. To make a Mind Movie is easy. As soon as you start watching it two or more times a day your life will begin to change into the direction you have chosen. Of course you can make several Mind Movies, each targeted to one aspect of your life. But I suggest you start with one goal and watch the mind movie you made to achieve it until you have achieved it, then move on with the next goal.

How and why does someone improve with Mind Movies?
To achieve a goal your subconsciousness must be in line with your consciously set goals, otherwise you could work hard and things would just not work out. Probably you already have wondered, why you have not achieved a certain goal, even though you worked hard on it.

To make your subconsciousness be in line with your consciously set goals you must repeat the thought and have the feeling to achieve the goals and you should keep this picture in your mind. This is not easy in our everyday life as we are too often side tracked. Watching your mind movie, you look at pictures and slides with written affirmations. The pictures go much easier into your subconsciousness as when you just think of it. The more often you look at your mind movie the faster your subconsciousness will get the message and start to get going and working for you to achieve your goals. It will help as much as it can to achieve your goals.

What is it about the subconsciousness? As a child you were programmed. Your parents might have said things like: “You can’t always have everything.” And they probably have said this many times. Because of the repetitions and it went deep into your subconsciousness. When you try hard to get something, your subconsciousness does everything possible that you don’t get what you want and can’t achieve your goals as this is what its task since childhood is: You can’t have everything you want. Mind movies helps you to get out of this devil’s circus.

You reprogram your mind as it was programmed in the first place – by repetition. You look at your mind movie or mind movies again and again and your life will turn around. It might happen a little each day. It also could happen that nothing seems to change at the outside for a relatively long time, but suddenly something happens and your life is not the same any more as things have suddenly turned around.

The reason for this is:

1) The false programming of your subconsciousness can be very deep and strong, so it takes a little longer to be reprogrammed.
2) The achievement of your goals took the subconsciousness a little longer to put into realization as it had to get things from different parts around you or from further away. (This - further away - you should not see geographically)

As you watch your mind movie or mind movies lots of things will happen by surprise. Well, it does not really happen by surprise. It is that your subconsciousness was working hard. You will meet people and find stuff which you need to achieve your goals.

But let me tell you this, and this is important: A wishful thinking does not get you anywhere.

What you have to do to achieve any goal:

1) Know exactly what you want: If it is money, be precise how much you want. I want more money, could be a dime more. I want to earn 25.000 dollars a month, is exact and good. Start with little and easy to reach goals. You will certainly choose bigger goals after you have reached some tinier once. You will know when the time has come for doing so and this might not be far away. 
Then be precise on when you want to have achieved your goals. As soon as possible could be in ten or twenty years. In 6 months from now I want to regularly earn 25.000 Dollars a month, is good.

2) What do you think has to be done to achieve your goals. There might be steps you are not able to do. Still, write all steps which you see necessary to achieve your goals down. Then make a list of all steps you are able to do now and start with the first. Be sure that you will achieve your goals as your subconsciousness will find a way how you can get the steps done you now believe that you are not able to do. For example: You do not have the money you might need to invest. Someone might come and share your goals with you. You have the idea and he gives the money. Or it is a skill you don’t have. You might find someone who might be most interested to be in your team who has this skill. So just go ahead and start with the first step to achieve your goals.

Do not forget to watch your mind movie or mind movies at least twice daily. This is essential. Maybe it is the most important step in achieving your goals. From the beginning until you have achieved your goals you will not forget them. You will always have the pictures, representing your goals, in your mind and nourish your subconsciousness.

Do not think that your goals might be too large to achieve. You will. Be certain about this fact. Believe that you will achieve your goal at the set time. Just think: What would it do for you if you don’t believe it? Exactly, you would throw obstacles into your way with thoughts which are against achieving your goals.

Why do some people, who get very rich, suddenly lose everything? Because they are afraid to lose everything. So, do not lose a single thought on anything negative. Negative thoughts are what they are called: negative. Eliminate them. They are not helpful to achieve any goal.

Your subconsciousness can’t make a difference if something or a certain situation is real or not When you send it images of your big goals, it will get active until you have achieved it, no matter how big it is.

You watch your mind movie or mind movies several times daily, you feel happy knowing that you will achieve your goals and you follow your precise plan step by step = The result will definitely be that you achieve your goals.

Why is it so very effective when you are creating your own mind movie or several mind movies?

You choose the images that represent your goals seen from your point of view. You choose the affirmations that you like and that say with your words what you want to achieve. Your emotions will go with it.

What happens when you watch your mind movies?

They will make the Law of Attraction work for you, which will be most helpful to achieve your goals.

Now, imagine that you can achieve all your goals. Start with one goal and when you have achieved it, go on to make a mind movie for the next goal, make a plan, in which you write down what you have to do to achieve it. The achievement of the next goal will happen much faster as in the meantime you know that mind movies plus an action plan works, that you surely will achieve also the next goal and the next and the next...

You want to become wealthy? Make a mind movie which will help you to attract money into your circle of radiation. Make a mind movie to make as much money as you want.

You want to life in a new house? Make a mind movie with your dream house. You will make more than enough money to buy the house of your dreams.

You want a new car? No problem! Just go and choose your car, make a mind movie with it and soon you will be able to pay for it, which includes the monthly costs.

Do you wish the perfect partner and/or do you dream of a happy family? Make a mind movie with images of the perfect partner and the situations in which you want to be together with him. If you are unhappy in your relationship, make a mind movie with images from the time you were happy. This time will come back. Make a mind movie with images showing a happy family. Look for images which make you feel good and look forward that you will make such a photo of your family yourself soon. This mind movie you can watch together with the mind movie you made to achieve a money making goal.

Do you have a health problem? Many people have healed themselves from many different sickness and health problems. Sure there are health problems which your body can’t repair by itself, but you can get rid of pain and have repaired as much as it is needed for you to life a happy life. Make a mind movie in which you are absolutely healthy, laughing all over – look for photos with people who inspire you. It should be photos which make you feel good. And believe that you will be healed. This mind movie you can watch together with the mind movie you made to achieve a money making goal and a relationship goal.

Is the reason for your health problem your weight? Make a mind movie in which you are slim. Look for images of people who are slim, who work out, and who enjoy life fully. Your subconsciousness will help you to achieve this goal almost effortlessly. Believe in it and look forward how wonderful it will feel when you are

Whatever the goal is you want to achieve, creating the final outcome starts with making your own mind movie, and if you wish so, several mind movies. In the video tutorials you will also be explained how to download the software you need to make slides and put slides and photos together to make it a video – your mind movie.

Your goal is already achieved you only have to perceive it. Start living as if your goal is already achieved. Your subconsciousness can’t make a difference and the more you make it understood how your life looks, the more it will help that your life is as you want it.

To make a mind movie takes only 3 easy steps. With the Mind Movie Kit you get a video tutorial for each step.

Step 1:

Create a short script for your Mind Movie.

If writing is not your thing, the video tutorial for this step will almost do it for you. It will help you to find affirmations representing what you want in your life and how to find words for your achieved goals. Note: The written words, sentences, and affirmations must be in present tense. A tomorrow can be any next day from any day sometimes in the future. But you want to have your goal achieved at a specific day. So use the date: With August 2010 I earn at least 25.000 Dollars a month. I am vibrant and healthy…………

Step 2:

After having written your affirmations, you will start with step #2. A video tutorial of the Mind Movies Kit will explain how to find photos on the Internet. You will be creating the life you want to live.

Step 3:

In step #3 you will put the affirmations written on slides and the photos you have chosen together and you will then publish your own mind movie. You can keep it on your server that it stays completely private, but you can also publish it on YouTube.

In the video tutorials you will also be shown strategies to make your Mind Movie look sensational in record time.

Plus you'll be given some advanced neurolinguistic programming (NLP) secrets you can use that will access your subconsciousness even faster.

You'll be so proud of your Mind Movie you'll love watching it even more.

Start to make your mind movie now. It's easy, it's powerful, and it's exciting! You can do it right after you ordered the Mind Movies Kit, and begin manifesting within a few hours.

Your Online Mind Movies Creation Kit consists of a total of 3 Parts, PLUS a Downloadable Script Writing Workbook...

Part 1:

Online Version

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Mind Movie Creation Kit

You'll discover valuable tips about how to maximize
your Mind Movie creation, with specific ideas to
fast track your progress.

Choose the area you'd like to work on most,
and start manifesting within minutes.

Your pre-made Mind Movies include:
1. Online Wealth & Improving Your Finances
2. Online Health & Weight Loss
3. Online Closer Family Relations
4. Online Spiritual Fulfillment & Gratitude
5. Online Attracting the ideal man
6. Online Attracting the ideal woman

Part 2

Online Creation Kit Video Tutorials for the PC
Online Creation Kit Video Tutorials for the MAC

Part 3

All of your Mind Movies programs and templates

The Law Of Attraction will quickly start to work for you!

Your dreams, desires, wishes, goals are automatically imprinted on your subconsciousness every time you sit down at your computer.

And that is how fast your life can change. Struggle and frustration dissolve, replaced by joy and abundance.

You quickly become the Designer Of Your Destiny

With a few mouse clicks, you will create your personal Mind Movie. Watch it on your computer for a few minutes twice a day. You will feel energized and uplifted watching it.

Your Mind Movie will help you achieve your goals over and over again, just by the simple act of watching it.

In the Mind Movies Kit a 30 day Trial of the Fantastic Proprietary Mind Movies Subliminal is included. The Mind Movies Subliminal works round the clock to flood the reality of your new life into your mind even more as you can have it running almost invisibly behind anything you're doing on your computer.

After a few minutes, you won't even be consciously aware of it, but it will go deep faster into your subconsciousness. Your new life, including everything you want, will start to get more and more visible.

Try It, it works!

Click here to get your Mind Movies Kit


In Your Subliminal Success Accelerator
Package (30 day trial included in Purchase) You'll Get...

Access to Mind Movies Subliminal to run on your computer

A live interactive coaching call each month from top 
experts on visualization

Several of the superstars from The Secret will be
special guests on the calls over the next 12-months

An inspiring Subliminal MP3 audio each month to
continually support your journey to prosperity

This is how this works. You get to test drive the "Subliminal Success Accelerator" for 30 days so you can try it, apply it, experience incredible results and if you like it, do nothing, your subscription will automatically be renewed. If you don't like it, cancel your subscription within the first 30 days.

Once you experience for yourself how fast you begin manifesting your biggest goals, you'll want to make even more Mind Movies for anything you want to achieve.


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