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Imagine it - dream it - plan it - do it

 Make a quantum jump into a completely NEW LIVE

Changes are never easy. Strangely the most difficult change is to shift to an improvement as you then break through barriers. We are so very used to life an average life and am more prepared to worse as to better changes. How easy it is to live with a little less and again a little less, but when someone suddenly has a lot, he very often can’t deal with it. People who made a lot of money almost over night loose at as quickly as they made or gained it. It is the same as with loosing a lot of weight quickly. It quickly is back as your body had no time to get used to the new feel of yourself. When you decide to achieve a positive change, you will have to go through a time of unease until you got used to the change, be it to feel more successful, happier and/or heathier. This time of unease can take three weeks sometimes months.

With dreams alone one does not create a villa with swimming pool or a penthouse with a large terrace, plus a luxury car, but it is a good start. In a dream everything is permitted and everything is possible. When you dream, dream big, go beyond your limitations and delete the word never out of your vocabulary.

In your reality or in a magazine you have seen your dreamhome, which you would like to own. Dream of this house, build it as big as you like. Furnish it with furniture of your choice, put in all electronic devices you can possibly think of, even when a device does not yet exist. Believe that it will soon be awailable, and if not, have it patented quickly

From where will the money come from? It will not fly toward you out of the nothing. You must get active to earn way more money as you can now imagine. The magic formula is SMI, which stands for System of multiple income. Sounds like a lot of work, but is not necessarily

If you already enjoy working, good, but if not, have yourself be inspired and motivated. It always is best to choose number one and this is a man who himself is super rich. He earns millions of dollars a year. His successes, to have made his clients to be millionaires and billionaires, are legendary. His name is Bob Proctor.

Use his program. You will no longer have to force yourself to go to work, you will have joy to go toward your big goal, which is to make a fortune and be able to fulful all your wishes. Make use of Bob Proctors offer and have him motivate you, until the monthly income you desire comes flowing to your account regularly.

Bob Procter says, that our time and energy are limited, that we can impossibly make a fortune with hard work. He suggests a system of multiple incomes and explains how to make it work. He promises that he can help you to make your dreams come true with six minutes of your time daily. You soon will make far more money than before. I know from my own experience: This program will change your life, your account balance will remarkably rise. Soon after the first money comes onto your account, a chain reaction will be activated and the increase of deposits will multiply.



We let it randomly happen to be influenced from our parents, friends, school and especially by the media. We watch films on TV, have the radio run, regularly listen to the news and are not aware of being sucked into the mass hysteria of negative reports. We do not think how much this influences our life negatively.

We must rethink, must change our mindset, and this we can only achieve with the help of someone who goes the path which we do not even dare to dream of. Somewhere deep in ourselve we have the wish to live in abundance of money, health, happiness, being in a loving relationsship, be able to travel anytime and wherever we wish. But something is holding us back to have our dreams fulfilled. There is so much poverty, dispair, anxiety, unhappiness and sickness, allthough we know that all is about our thinking patterns. But how to change it? This is why we need help from a coach, a book, CD, DVD or the internet. Thanks to the internet, we have the opportunity to choose what our senses perceive, which will be reflected in our lives. Do choose and choose well.

What we hear, read, see and what surrounds us, has a profound impact on our mind, our decisions and the results. Imagine you have a program which provides you with the ability to set goals, which you believed were unattainable for you, assists you to reach them by changing your attitudes and your convictions fundamentally and provides you with a key to make all your dreams come true. How much would such a program be worth for you?


Let Your Imagination Flow

Let your imagination flow and get wise insights, make great inventions, be creative with design and more. Learn how to make your imagination flow.

Today I want to write about another Six Minutes to Success Video Session with Bob Proctor, well the part of it which I enjoyed about it.

He began with a quote:

My imagination is limitless. I will accomplish more in this life than I ever previously dreamed possible. I am a no limits person. I stretch myself all the time.

First of all you should understand that you have great ideas, if you are in a deeply relaxed state of mind. Best for great ideas and imaginations is the theta state of mind, such as while you meditate. It is a state when conscious thinking and logic sets out. Important inventions have been made in this state and enormous problems have been solved.

But you must not be in a relaxed state to imagine something that was not there before. It could be anything, an invention, a design for a website, a design for a dress. You can imagine how you really want to live and ideas about how you want to live might come up that you didn’t have before.

As a next step, be certain that you can put your imaginations into reality. You idea for an invention could become a million dollar business. Your design for the website could be sold hundreds of times and more. Your design for a dress could be bought from a known designer.

When you let your imagination flow, you will vibrate with a high frequency. This is the frequency that brings thoughts into its shape in your reality. You should do that often. Maybe at least once a day.

Think that if you have a problem, you can imagine finding a solution. You are most probably facing several problems each day. Go for a walk and let your thoughts just flow. You might imagine the result you want, as if the problem never existed and then, suddenly the solution will come up. You can do that with just any problem.

There are people who are scribbling around on their notepad. Nothing that has a real meaning or very simple things. While they are scribbling, they shift into the alpha state of mind, which is a relaxed state of mind. You mind suddenly get a great business idea on which you build up part of your future professional life.

Read Bob Proctor’s quote again: My imagination is limitless. I will accomplish more in this life than I ever previously dreamed possible. I am a no limits person. I stretch myself all the time.

And from today on you will let your imaginations flow and become immensely creative and successful.


Imagination is Stronger than Willpower

Your imagination is much stronger as if you use your willpower to realize a wish or desire. Your imagination can be strengthened by hypnosis.

To change anything in your life, use imagination not willpower. Willpower is weak and the imagination will always be above and stronger than the desire, says Joseph Murphy in The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

But you have to know exactly what you want to change and how it should turn out. Just think that when you say in a restaurant, they should bring you something to eat that chances are they bring you something you dislike. Same is in life. If you don’t know what you want in life, you don’t get it.

Every life and success coach is preaching that you have to be exact about what you want. Not all of them then explains that you have to imagine = visualize your wishes and desires.

You have to understand that the subconscious mind is comparable with the software of your PC. Only what is programmed can be done. You can change the programming and you can add new software.

To change the programming of the subconscious mind is not as easy as with a pc. It takes repetitions through weeks.

With the conscious mind we have no direct access to the subconscious mind, unless we repeat over a period of 3 to 6 weeks a certain new habit using our willpower. Often the old habit is quickly back.

If you imagine to use the new habit daily for 3 to 6 weeks and than start to do it, it will be much easier and you will not slip back in the old habit, as it is overwritten by your imagination.

A very helpful means to make changes in your subconscious mind are hypnosis audio recordings. You can download them right after you ordered and listen to them today. Listen to hypnosis audio recordings once a day for a period of several weeks. We will be stunned about the effectiveness of hypnosis.


Image What You Do and Do What You Imagine

Imaginations are said to be more powerful as the actual actions.

Athletes are training in their mind and do physical training alternately.
When they are training in their mind, they are going through the entire competition from the start to the end. Quite all professional athletes are trained physically and mentally.

It usually is done the following way:
As an example I take a skier. He goes down the slope, for example a slalom route and is filmed. Later on he watches the video with his trainer and they discuss moment by moment and stop the video again and again. At one point the skier was too near to the obstacle and at another he might have been too far away, which makes him lose time.

Then he visualizes his performance: The next step is that the skier relaxes, closes his eyes and goes down the route in his imagination, trying to do it as perfect and as fast as possible. Next day he again does the same route and again is filmed and again he watches the video with his trainer and they discuss any of his movements and again he visualizes going down the same route.

Would this athlete only visualizecelebrating after he won, he would not have a chance to win. Most people only visualize their wishes fulfilled, meanning having their wishes become part of their life. They don’t think about how they are getting there; how they get all they want in life.

If you believe that visualizing a lot of money might get a lot of money into your life, you will become frustrated, because nothing will happen, no matter how long and how often you visualize a lot of money. You should also think about where the money will come from. You must open a door for the money to come in. In short: You must get active in your imaginations and in real life. Do the imaginations and the physical actions alternately as athletes do it, to get best results.

Most important in the process of materialization are your emotions, which raise the frequency of your vibration. This means that when you visualize doing something, also visualize doing it better as you did last time and feel joy during the action and feel joy about the outcome. Feel the joy during the imaginatin phase and while you do the physical action.

The impact of visualization (imagination) on your life and the results of your actions to achieve your goals

1. It helps to acquire and improve the necessary abilities physically and mentally and
2. helps develop greater self-confidence.
3. Watching yourself in the visualization to perform things in a perfect way will make you more confident about your abilities and will raise your performance in whatever you do.
4. Visualize both, your performance and the result.
5. Through imaginations you will train yourself to dare more, await more and get more.

Best times to visualize, is short before you fall asleep and right after you wake up in the morning. You should visualize every day to get best results.


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