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Increase Your Mind Power

Mental Photography to Increase Your Mind Power

This innovative and unique Training System will profoundly change your life. It will make your subconscious mind become your jinn, that will fulfill you every wish..

Imagine that you are able to use the full potential of your brain power and more so of your mind power, especially your subconscious mind power, which is of great importance as your subconscious mind extends your body quite a bit. Up until now you have been using only a few percent of your brain capacity and your subconscious mind was probably not your partner.
You can’t imagine yet the
amazing things you will be able to accomplish when you learn how to make your subconscious mind be in line with your conscious mind and its full power is your partner. You must understand that your subconscious mind is reaching out in a certain radius out from your body. How far depends on each person and the programming of the subconscious mind.

In 10 minutes per day, you can
fully activate the Super-Conscious part of your brain to uncover amazing natural talents and abilities that you didn’t even know you had. You can increase your mind power with exercise..

Unlock your built-in photographic memory.
Photograph books at over 25.000+ words per minute (over 100 times the average reading speed)
Store every single word in your long term memory for LIFE, so you simply cannot forget it.
Dramatically reduce stress
Become much more effective, organized, and efficient.

During the research and development phase of this advanced training system wonderful things happened to the students. Welch, who found how to increase and how to trigger the full potential of the mind power tested what triggered these great events, and developed a way to formalize the outcome based on a simple, formatted input to the subconscious mind.

Testing confirmed that any one with average intelligence can tremendously increase his mind power and can learn to read at astounding speeds up to 2,000,000 words per minute with increased comprehension. Tests confirmed that young children could rapidly grasp his method. It raised their reading and vocabulary skills several grade years with only a few hours of using this method.

What You Will Learn
Throughout the Training you will learn several techniques that will help you increase and then open the full potential of your mind power.

They are:
Albert Einstein’s “Distraction Index”
The Eye Chart Drill
Relaxation Techniques
Creative Problem Solving (Personal Programming)
The Mental Photography Technique
Triggering Recall of Mentally Photographed Information

Doing these techniques every day, you will receive remarkable benefits.
And: You will realize that the experience of Mental Photography is quite different form the experience of reading. This training is not about developing a photographic memory. It is a Brain Management Training. Mental Photography is the primary vehicle that expediently creates a very strong rapport between the conscious and the subconscious mind which will naturally increase your mind power. It excites our brain into action and opens many doors to our vast potential by building these bridges. It exercises our brain similar to exercising your muscle at the gym. It actually is easy to increase mind power.

Benefits of this Training
Increase your awareness and perception
Recognize and trust your intuition and apply it in your daily life
Learn to relax and reduce stress.
Requrie less sleep and get more productivity from sleeping time.
Become better organized.
phenomenal changes in your life quickly and efficiently
Learn new methods of creative problem solving
Increase your learning speed dramatically
Improve your memory
Attract more wealth, better relationships, improved health, be happier.... and everything will just get better and better.
Just think and believe that it is absolutely possible to increase your mind power.

By using this simple, step by step system, you will discover how to program and increase your mind to bring you everything you want.

Mental Photography to Increase Your Mind Power and more. ,allows you to keep up with today's world


How could we read all we should? We do not have the time to read something again, so we should remember as much as possible from what we have read.


- Traditional Reading = We read every single word. We put it into short term memory. Poor comprehension. Quickly we forget almost everything.
- Speed Reading: We focus on the words, but in a fast pace. We focus on the most important words. Comprehension goes up. Retention (beibehalten) factor gets up. Important: Words are photographed.
- Mental Photography: 2 pages per second, though we could do more, but we are not able to turn the pages as quickly as our mind can suck the content in. We do not focus on words and do not vocalize them. Mental photography is an enhancement to reading. There are no limitations to the brain.

Comparisons - Reading Techniques

The trainings are actually simple and use “the technology we were born with”, but most people did not even partially develop the potential it has. Welch discovered that people lose the ability of mental photography by age 5 or 6, the time they start school and be trained with an antique method. How very much this world has changed in the past hundreds and thousends of years, how much knowledge has expanded, how much more we have to read, but the way children are taught knowledge by teachers has not changed.

With this training you will exercise and awaken the natural ability of Photographic Memory, Using photographic memory is a natural learning process that everyone possesses that allows you to very rapidly take in reading material at levels way beyond speed reading. With each exercise you increase your mind power more. It is beleived that the increase is exponential.

Anyone Can Learn How To Do It!

Using this Training Method you will increase your mind power and become one of the Super Minds.
You will store information in your long-term memory 100% for life!
You will achieve a mimimum speed of 25,000+ words per minute - over 100 times faster than the average level of reading. Just think how you much you will cut down your reading time.
You will improve your lateral thinking and problem solving skills.
The system is extremely powerful.

We were all born with these talents, so it is nothing that not everyone is able to do. With the training system, taught by a step by step method, you will learn how to operate your inborn abilities. Well, it is actually re-learning them, you only have lost it, when you went to school.

You will be able to fly through immense loads of reading material. This of course means that you will have a lot of spare time, that you can use much better as reading through hours. But this is long not all.

This system will dramatically change your life.
As you were searching increase your mind power you imagined that increased mind power will give you advantages in life and this assumption is right.
When you have read some other pages on Privatedimension, you will know how very important it is to get the subconscious mind be in line with your conscious wishes and desires. Already when you are in the training you will open the pathway between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is the part of your mind that when you learn how to operate it properly, is absolutely unlimited.
You will learn how to harness the unlimited power of your subconscious mind automatically by mentally creating anything that you desire. = This is what was shown in “The Secret” and is called Law Of Attraction. If you understood this, you know that it has a lot to do with concentration.

The Formula to Wish Fulfilling is easy: 
Concentration on the wish + strong emotions (represent desire) + action

With exercising mental Photography and implementing it in your everyday life your capacity of fulfilling your wishes will be hundred-fold.

Are you drawing negative people, things and situations into your life? If so, you have to reprogram your mind. It is totally programmable. You will learn how to do this during the training sessions and while you exercise you mental photography abilities.

You will take over the control of your life and you will be able to achieve anything you desire.
You will tap into the unlimited part of your mind that will allow you to truly unlock your unlimited potential, your real mind power.
You will achieve phenomenal successes in all areas of your life. Your life will incredibly change and it will start to change in just a few days after you began with the training.
As you already see that this goes beyond an increase of your mind power. The increase of your mind power is continuous.

You will be able to reprogram anything you want to change. You will gain an awareness of tools and techniques available to you to continuously increase your mind power and as a result change your life.

The Training calles
BRAIN MANAGEMENT COURSE to increase your mind continuously.


Module 1 - Introduction to the amazing secret discoveries of R. Welch, plus Einstein’s Distraction Index.

Module 2 - How to tap into and heighten your intuition, perception and peripheral vision using a little know secret technique that you can do in under 2 minutes.

Module 3 - How to relax and reduce stress at will, plus program your mind to manifest success in all areas of your life by harnessing the power ot the secret law of attraction. You will be able to change your life as you wish.

Module 4 - Your introduction to mental photography...Discover how to soak up information at 25,000 words per miinutes, plus tap into your natural photographic memory abilites. So you will literally not forget new information.

Module 5 - Steps to rapidly advancing your mental photography skillls.

Module 6 - Mental Photography and safe guarding yourself against subliminal advertising

Module 7 - How to trigger mentally photographed information to your conscious mind with 100 times the impact of reading

Module 8 - Warp up and review of what you have learned, plus how to get the most out of the Zox Pro Training System.

Listen to the Introduction of this Revolutionary Mind Power System to increase you mind potential, download a Study Guide and get to listen the first module for free...


When you order the Brain Management Course now, you will get the following bonuses

Fast Action Bonus #1 - Relaxation and Mind Programming Mastery
You will have more energy than you had in years.
Fast Action Bonues #2 - The Brain Accelerator “Little Known Secrets To Mastering Your Mind” - Mind Power Enhancing.

Fast Action Bonus # 3 - Law Of Attraction “Let Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny”

Have your mind power work at it’s full potential and change your life as you always dreamed. You are only moments away from starting to make everything possible.


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