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Expanding Your Mind Capacity
with Mental Photography and Brain Management

Expand Your Mind Capacity

Metnal Photography is the primary vehicle that expediently creates a very strong rapport between the conscious and the subconscious. It opens many doors to our vast potential by building these bridges. As you are able to take in knowledge like a sponge your mind would expand as only a few have ever experienced it. As a learning tool this mind expanding tool allows people to assimilate information at 100 times the average reading speed with 90 to 100% retention for life. But, this is not limited to learning. More importantly, it opens a pathway to a part of the brain that has fantastic abilities. This part of the brain acts as a conduit to universal energies, the universal mind. Wonderful things have happened to people who learn Mental Photography, which is taught together with other techniques in Brain Management. Brain Management gives you the tools to take control of your life like never before. That you will expand your mind is only one advantage you will have compared to most other people.

Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla used the techniques taught in Brain Management without even knowing about it. Don't YOU want to possess skills like these scientists and geniuses!? 

As the Information Age is fully realized by the information capacities of newest computers, the next step must be the "Mental Revolution". To simply "keep up" is not good enough. But can we ever hope to keep up with today's fast paced world? With the Brain Management system, you can take a sufficient part out of the stress we endure today. By strengthening and toning the brain in this natural way, you can create a better, healthier, and happier life. Was it ever imaginable to be able to expand your mind power?

We all have been born with the ability to absorb huge amounts of information and knowledge switched on. You used it for the first 5 years of your life. And then,... you went to school

and learned to learn the slow way!

" Reading" is taught in opposition to Mental Photography. When you were taught to read, the ability to mentally photograph and keep the knowledge for life was forgotten. When you read you focus on each single word and you do not quickly get the context of the content of the entire page or article. At school we have learned the meaning of words. We actually think in images. Each word represents an image. With mental photography our mind translates each word into an image and puts it together as when a child looks at a picture book. With some exercise you only have to turn pages of a book or scroll down a blog and the mind uploads and saves the content. It then is in your brain as a saved file in the computer. The only break down of your brain would be your death. The knowledge is there until the end of your life.

How does your mind expand?
With taking in new knowledge and thinking brain cells and synapses build up, grow and get stronger. It looks like a tree which is getting larger and more voluminos with all it’s branches. But our mind is so much more as just the brain. The conscious mind is only a part of our mind. The subconscious mind is marger as our body. I wouild guess that it goes out of our body as far as our radiation, which also grows with exercise. What is interesting, which you should try to understand it, that relaxing techniques are part of the training of mental photography as the radius of our radiation expands with meditation, so our mind does. Furthermore the ability to tap and use the universal mind is also growing which ignites the expandement of your mind, conscious and subconscious mind. The more often you exersice and use mental photography in your everyday routine, the more your mind will expand.

Reading uses a 'slow, inefficient' part of the brain.  Mental Photography IS natural - it uses the whole brain and it’s natural partners, the conscious and the subconscious mind.

The best news of all is that YOU never lose it! Mental Photography is taught
since 1975, when Richard Welch first found it.

Some of you may ask how is this different to "Photoreading"? You can listen to the answer here - it is free

How Mental Photography works and how to learn it


The Brain Management course is much more than reading or speed-reading - it's a holistic approach to increasing the usage of your wonderful brain. Because Richard Welch's technology was the first, and the only original, it has stood the test of 30+ years.

Mental Photography itself enhances the experience of reading. The average reading speed is 250 words per minute (wpm).Mental Photography begins at 25,000 wpm. During the training you are tested on recall at 52,000 wpm. Proficient Mental Photographers show up to 600,000 words per minute with 90% recall (just turning pages). The impact of Mental Photography is 100 times
reading something. So if you are an avid reader, it will definitely enhance your experience of reading after you Mentally Photograph the book first. You have barely scratched the surface of what your brain is capable of doing! Learn menatal photography and you will experience how your mind expands with time.

And even more powerful is the way that Mental Photography exercises the brain! The benefits start from:

  •           Elevated Whole Brain Activity
  •           Strengthens neural pathways
  •           Hemispheric Balancing
  •           Heightened communication between the conscious and the            subconscious mind
  •           Grow more memory (Dendrites)
  •           Quicker and clearer thinking
  • But let's talk about TANGIBLE benefits, something you can use to your benefit today:
  •           Business owners and Entrepreneurs gain important skills in decision making, problem solving, time management, and stress management
  •           Learn English, Mandarin, French - ANY language faster than you ever thought possible
  •           Learn Math, Science, Chemistry or Biology -- in fact, any subject whatsoever in record time
  •           Mentally Photograph all your text books - whether you're at school, college or post-graduate course
  •           Prepare for high school exams, or for Medical Doctor exams in hours instead of weeks
  •           And many more limitless opportunities to expand your mind and your knowledge
  •           Solve Complex Problems and Questions by allowing your brain to naturally find solutions through your natural neural networks
  •           Improve your driving with 360 degree perception
  •           And many more

    This information has been presented over the last 30 years in a live seminar. Of course you can continue reading and learning the way humanity has done so for the last 6,000 years or so. But what would you miss!

Due to its very nature, reading actually slows down the minds capabilities. Do you understand why you struggle day by day to keep up with the information overload and you never can make it? Wouldn’t it be worth a try. By the way, if you decide to sign up after having listened to the first moduel for free to purchase the training, you have a money back guarantee. But my guess is, you would not stop, but continue to be able to keep up with today and tomorrow’s world and expand your mind..

Brain Management
audio with the introduction and the first module to listen for free. Take the advantage to be in front of many others




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