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Mind Management

Improve Your Life With Mind Management

You have decided to change your life, but you have not yet determined how exactly you want it to change. Or you have tried to change your life, but you seem to be stuck and nothing you try to do works out. Only wanting to change things is a wishful thinking with which you do not get results.

When you plan what you want to change in your life, you will determine what you have to do to actually make the planned change and most importantly you have to change your mind to get results. First you have to figure out how you have to change your mind and with what means you will accomplish this goal. You have to consciously prepare yourself for the changes and you have to reprogram your subconscious mind by repetitions of how it should function to get it in line with your consciously planned changes..

You know about the Management of companies. You might have or plan to visit a Business Management School, to get to know how that is done. Then there is the Management of larger households. You manage your houshold, and you might manage your own company. But did you ever think about the most important you should manage? Your mind! Before everything else you should manage your mind, as everything you do then will be build on Mind Management and be much easier. 

We do not learn to manage our mind at school and not from our parents, as they have never learned it. In biology we do learn about the brain and the functioning of the parts of a brain, When I remember right, I did not know that there is a subconscious mind until I read Nitsche and that there is a higher self, which rules about us. I was at the university when I found a book about the coexistance of the of the conscious and the subconscious mind and that we can reprogram both,

I read that the mind (conscious and subconscious mind) is in all cells of our body, while the brain is were it is. When you use your conscious mind intelligently, the brain builds up as muscles when you work out. The brain is an information processing system, containing neurons (nerve cells), which are connected through synapses. The number of synapses grow, but synapses also die. Our brain is consciously and unconsciously fed and influenced. You can control with what you are influenced by the choice of what you read and watch. But you are also influenced beyond control. For example, while you are shopping in a mall and you can hear what other say. All is saved in our brain and influences us. We can control our conscious mind, but we have no direct access to our subconscious mind and cannot change it is programming over night. To control the subconscious mind we have to use certain techniques, as for example meditation, hypnoses, subliminal messages, repeated affirmations, autosuggestions, repeatedly hearing or seeing something specific.

We today know that our suboncsious mind was programmed and can be reprogrammed by repetition. The advertisement industry works by repetition to get you buy a certain product. Not to be influenced by ads, you have to switch to another channel, as the influence is getting stronger when you do not listen to it consciously. A habit is formed by repetition and can be changed by repetition.

It is believed that the subconscious mind extends our body, is connected with other subconscious minds and is part of a universal mind. Tests have shown that one or more people can influence the subconscious mind of others with conscious thought. What interests us here is our personal subconscious mind.


What is Mind Management

Management in all business areas and organizational activities are the acts of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objective. Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing. leading or directing, and controlling an organization (a group of one or more people or entities) or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal. Resourcing encompasses the deployment of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, and natural resources.

This is the first paragraph of the definition for Management in Wikipedia. I will use it to define Mind Management.
The word business is replaced with:¬ You including your mind, your body and your life.
Organizational activities: Is all you do to manage your mind, your body and your life in all aspect.

Mind Management in all areas of your life and organizational activities are the acts of getting your abilities, skills and opportunities (knowledge from school, out of school trainings,, books, magazines, newspapers, online reading matieral and talks with others, to accomplish desired goals and objectives.
Mind Management comprises planning, organizing, applying improving and helpful means and tools, leading or directing and controlling all about you and your life. or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal. Recoursing encompasses the deployment of your born resources (natural resources), all means and tools available on the market (technological resources), the money you have available to make things happen (financial resources) and human resources (teachers, family, friends)

Because organizations can be viewd as systems, managment can also be defined as human action, including design, to facilitate the production of useful outcomes from a system. This view opens the opportunity to manage oneself. - This is the second paragraph of the definition of management on wikipedia. 

The human mind and body is a highly advanced system.
Design: The image of a person, his style, his behavior (the way he acts).
We have¬ many opportunities to facilitate the production of useful outcomes. 

Basic functions of management
Management operates through various funcitions, often classified as plannning, organizing, leading/directing, and controlling.

Planning: Deciding what needs to happen in the future (today, next week, next month, next year, over the next 5 years, and longer time goals) and generating plans for action.
Organizing (Implementation) making optimum use of the resources required to enable the successful carrying out of plans. 
Staffing: Job Analyzig, recruitment, and hiring indiciudals for appropriate jobs. Hire supporting personal to make more time for yourself and have more time for more important tasks.¬
Leading/Directing: Determining what needs to be done in a siutation and getting people to do it. 
Controlling/Monitoring: Checking progress against plans. 


What can you do with Mind Management

Mind Management should start with general planning. This planning should be done in written form. You will start to make the changes with your mind and you have to reprogram your subconscious mind to make the transition from now to your planned future.

1. Determine the present state of your life
1.1. Time Management: Your daily routines, regarding time.
1.1. Your knowledge and education level
1.3. Your financial situtation
1.4. Your habits.
1.5. What have you accomplished in your life, including private accomplishments and career
1.6. Your emotional state
1.7. Your physical body
1.8. Your style and image: Are you elegant, sportif, sloppy, dressed very fashionable or not.
1.9. Your relationships: Do you have a partner? How is the realtionship to your children. Do you have lots of good friends? Do you have a good relation to your co-workers or employees?

2. Determine what you want of life, what should change 
2.1. How do you want to spend your day?
Do you want to change your time management? Do you want to get up later, not have to lose time sitting in the car for an hour or more to get to work and an other hour to get back home. Would you like to have more time to spend it with your family, more time for dinner, more vacation time.
2.2. Do you want more knowledge and what exactly
2.3. Your planned financial situation
2.4. Which habits would you like to eliminate and replace it with what other habit. Which new habits would you like have.
2.5. What do you want to accomplish in your private life: have a family, children, accomplish something regarding your interests, charity work, want to support organizations protecting nature
What do you want to accomplish in your professional life. Do you want a career in a company, in the goverment or other organisations, or do you want to be self employed.
2.6. How do you want your emotional state to be. 
2.7. How do you want your body to look, your face, your hair.
2.8. Your style and image. How do you want to appear to others? Do you want to change your style, image and behavior. How do you want it to be?
2.9. Do you want a partner or stop an existing partnership? Do you want more friends? Do you want a better relationship to co-workers or employees?

3. Determine how to change the way things are now to how you want your life to be. You then will make a step by step plan.
This is an important plan. You will write down to each point all you have to do to make the transition. Some of what has to be done you will be able to change tomorrow. Some changes you have to get used to. As it is not suggested to make too many changes at once, you will have to decide with what changes you want to start. Some other changes you will have to prepare and the transition will be done in a longer period of time. 
When you make a plan of what you have to do during a certain time span, it will be easier to make this life changing transition and the probability that you will accomplish all your goals will be much higher.

Write the answer to all the points of the transition plan on a large piece of paper and make segments or write each segment on a different sheet.
- one for what you can start to do right away, 
The Segment:
- one for things you have to make a habit change. In a next step you will decide which of those habits you will change first.
- one for things which need longer time preparation: education and training
- one for things which build up on one or more other point of your plan

3.1. How do you want to spend your day? 
You have made a plan how you want to spend your day. Make now a list of what you have to change to spend the day as planned.
Do you have to change your job? Find a job which is nearer to your home? Or to be able to work from home? If yes,, you can start to search for another job tomorrow or the coming weekend. Right this into the first segment of your transition plan.
Do you need to hire more staff in your company and/or at home to have more time for yourself? 
Do you need more training to get a job, which lets you plan your day as you want?
Do you have to get up earlier to have time to work out before you go to work? This is a habit you can start to from tomorrow morning. Change the time on your alarm clock in increments of 10 minutes. 
Do you have to get yourself used to work out? Start with 10 minute increments and increase the workout time each week until you reached the time length you have planned for workout.
What can you do to save time to have more time for more important tasks? You can save time with Mental Photography.

3.2. What knowledge and training do you need?
Is the knowledge easily available? How can you get it? How long does it take you to read to get this knowledge?
When you need a special training? Does the training cost money and do you have the amount of money you need to pay for the training? From where could you get the money or do you first have to save money? Do you have time for the training? What do you have to do to have the time for the training?

3.3. What do you have to do to accomplish the planned financial state?
Do you have to make a job-change? Do you need a specific training to earn more? Can you make additional money with a private interest aside of your job? What else do you have to do to be able to save money?
Make a savings and an investment plan.

2.4. Habit changes
Take your list of habits you want to change and give each a priority. Decide which one to change first. It takes at least three weeks to change a habit. Focus on one habit at a time and focus on the next after three weeks or after you have formed the new habit.
Imagine yourself implementing the new habit. Do this every evening and every morning.

2.5. What do you have to do to accomplish in your life what you have planned?

2.6. How will you change your emotional state?
Eliminate negative emotions and have positive emotions.

2.7. What do you have to do to have your body, face and hari look as you planned?
Do you have to lose weight? How will you lose weight? How will you change your eating habits?
Do you need to go to a dermatologist to do something about your skin? Do you need an operation to change the feature of your face? Do you have to make face-exercise part of your daily routine? 
Do you need a new hair-cut or do you want to have your hair grow longer?

2.8.What do you have to do to change your style and behavior to get a new inage?

2.9. What do you have to do to have the partnerships you want?
Do you have to go out more often to meet a partner? Do you have to get devorced? Do you need councelling to have a better relationship with your partner? 
Are you too shy to make more friends? You can help yourself with hypnosis.or with subliminals .
Do you have to make more time for your children to have a better relationship with them?
Do you have to change habits to have a better relationship with friends and co-worker or employees? What can you do that your employees are happier working for you?

Prepare your Mind for the changes
When you go to bed, imagine to life the life you have planned to life.
Make a  Change Your Mind and Change Your Life with
Mind Movies
>mind movie with images which represent the life you want to live and watch it at least twice a day or with the SSA-Program you can have it run constantly on your screen while you work on your PC.


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