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Mind Hypnosis

With Hypnosis you can improve and change your mind and you can enable the Super Mind to always be of support to you.. Hypnosis reaches your subconscious mind directly. This is why it is so very effective.

Thanks to hypnosis recordings on a DVD or MP3-download, hypnosis is easy to use and in comparison to a session at a psychotherapist very inexpensive. An even greater advantage of DVDs or MP3-downloads as the low price is that you can hear the hypnosis as often as you want.

A trained mind can accomplish anything. For that reason mind-training exercises can help you get the most out of using your mind-power.

We are lead through life by our belief system. It is programmed in our subconscious mind. To make changes in your life, you first have to change your belief system and you can change it the way you want it when you get direct access to your subconscious mind, which is possible thanks to hypnosis. To get excess to The Super Mind, you have first to change your belief system to understand that there is a universal mind with all knowledge there is in all times. To get access to the super mind can incredibly improve your life.

There is a word in you which is infinite. We are not able to imagine this with our conscious mind as we would be overwhelmed by all there is. We actually all have access to the super mind, but are not always open for it. In moments when your intuition got you to suddenly do something differently as you actually wanted and this sudden change has saved your life or brought you a great advantage, it was that the access to the super mind suddenly opened. It kind of thought for you. But this is only one of many examples what the super mind is able to do.

To get permanent access to the super mind you have to do a series of exercises, which is best doing with the hypnosis series: Super Mind. You can see the access to the super mind as a door from your outside to your inside world that is part of the super mind. To more and the better you are able to perceive your inner world the more you will be able to control your outer world.

Self hypnosis with the help of a hypnosis recording is the most effective tool to make the connection from your inner to your outer world more accessible. The inner world is part of the super mind and so you get access to the super mind when you dip into your conscious mind until you are able to control it. At first you only will be able to to that during your hypnosis sessions. With the time you will be able to do it on your own.

With repetitions of the hypnosis recording series “Super Mind” you will experience the outcome of a situations as you wish it to happen in your life in your inner world first as if it is real and you will be surprised that what you imagined will really happen. There is a universal law underlying this phenomenon. It is called perpetual transmutation, which says that energy always gets into form and thoughts are energy. With your focused thoughts you will get the energy into the form you want it.

To just imagine an outcome is not enough. You must feel the reality of it, with all of your senses - you must be able to concentrate and focus upon your outcome to the exclusion of everything else for the time being and as you focus deeply, you become absorbed by the subject of your focus and then the outer world merely reflects it for you.

At this point you should have understood how important it is to fully focus on one specific situation (outcome, wish, goal). That is why you should not try to change every aspect of your life at once, as you couldn’t focus properly on all of them into each detail. So take one major part of an aspect of your life and fully focus on how you want to have it changed. With repetitions and mind hypnosis series “Super Mind” you will be able to change this aspect of your life.

As soon as you can see and feel it in your inner world as if it is real you have formed a specific thought to what you wanted to accomplish and you will perceive - what you experienced in your inner world - in your outer world. Of course when you change one part of an aspect of your life all other aspects of your life will change at least a bit. But this is long not all you will be able to do when you open yourself to the super mind (the universal mind).

What you experience in your outer world will be a projection of your inner world. Some quantum physiicts as for example Fred A. Wolf, who starred in The Secret, say, that what you believe that really happens actually only happens in your mind. When this is true, to exercise your mind and use hypnosis is important and will definitely change your life.

To be able to project your inner world to your outer world opens a new world for you. If you continue to exercise your mind it will get stronger, the connection and access to the super mind will more and more stay open. With every change of your life first lived in your inner world and be projected to your outer world, your thought transforamtion will be easier and quicker. Why this is so doesn’t need an explanation. It is the training, the understanding of how this works. You will be able to change situations and things as you want it.

Super Mind 1 Hypnosis program will guide you through a variety of mental exercises which will help you to effectively use each of your senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste) when working on your goals with self-hypnosis.

Super Mind 2 Hypnosis program will guide you through mental exercises for transferring your consciousness to different parts of your body. You will also learn how to generate vital energy.

Super Mind 3 Hypnosis program will guide you through mind exercises for projecting your consciousness outside of your body - into an inanimate object, into a plant, into an animal, into another person, and into highly evolved spiritual being - for the purposes of gathering information, gaining new learnings and wisdom, or healing.

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