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How To Meditate For Beginners
Learn to meditate to improve your life

How To MeditateTo regularly meditate has a number of benefits, which will improve your life in many ways and quite enormously. To meditate takes 20 to 40 minutes a day, depending if you meditate once or twice a day. The first benefit is that you will get calmer and the second is that you will need less sleep. You need to sleep per night can go down from 8 to 4 hours. Just think what you can do with 4 hours a day. Another benefit is that you solve problems as you get up from your meditation session and suddenly know the solution, which you would not have thought about without having been in this deeper state of mind in which you are while you meditate.

The state of consciousness you are in while you meditate is deeply relaxed. You are conscious, you can be called, but you should not be disturbed. After meditation of about wenty minutes you will feel as if you slept for some time. If you meditate for several weeks, you will start to see this world and everything, which surrounds you, from a different point of view.

Daily meditation will get you in harmony with yourself and everything there is. If you believe you are doing fine now, you will be more than surprised about what a difference meditation makes. You will experience it after you meditated for several weeks. I had my first out of body experience after I mediated twice a day for about two or three months. This is an incredible moment as you understand that your body is not you. You are the mind. If you are getting more conscious of your mind, your world will change

While you meditate you will be in a state of bliss. It is a very wonderful feeling. You will look forward every day to meditate again.

In this realm in which you are when you meditate, you are at peace. Mood swings will belong to the past. Problems will quickly turn into solutions. Fear and doubt will vanish. You will create great ideas that will bring you professional success. As you will be calmer you will be appreciated more by anyone with whom you meet. The benefits of meditation are endless. To learn to meditate will give you an incredible advantage in all areas of your life.

More reasons that you should consider to learn how to meditate.

Learn To Meditate.
You will improve in an unexpected way.


Mood swings are an effect of these changes. Meditation puts an end to mood swings. When you meditate regularly you are above changing moods.

Dr. Dieter Broer, a bio-physicist, believes in a cosmic induced expansion of our consciousness. Between end of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013 induced by storms on the sun particularities of the electromagnetic fields will lead to an extraordinary change of our consciousness.

During this time we will probably be without electricity, which of course will initiate a disaster. Computers and computer systems, hospitals and the industry will break down and cease to function and think about your life without electricity for weeks if not longer. You will stay calm and know solutions and ways how to survive that time, thanks to meditating.

Experience Bliss while You MeditateChanges and particularities of the electromagnetic fields are affecting all living species. People who have reached mental maturity and are well centered, which you achieve as a meditator, will have less difficulty to deal with major changes.

We can prepare ourselves with exercising our mind. We have to be more conscious that our emotions influence our perception. Be aware that you actually don’t see, but perceive. You will understand this better when you meditate.

Allow things as you wish them to be. You need to be in a state of consciousness which you have lost because of the way you were brought up and educated by our parents and at school. As an example: Children who are not told that doing something is not possible are able to do it, while children that were told that he/she just can’t do that, is never able to do it, even when he/she is trying hard.

We have false believes that we can only change by repetitively implementing a new belief over a minimum time of three weeks, in certain cases longer, until the new belief is set deep in our subconscious mind. There are ways to exercise our mind and achieve significant changes. Means to do that are meditation and creative visualization.

All your abilities are controlled by your subconscious mind. In a state of mind, in which our mind is open and not limited by wrong beliefs, we are magicians. The only limitation to be able to do something or not exists solely in our mind. Again, if you meditate your mind is open and your belief in yourself is stronger.

Yur senses perceive 1 Billion stimuli. During full consciousness you perceive 30 to 50. Would you perceive all there is, your brain might burst. Could you switch off your thinking process, which partly happens during meditation, you could perceive things as they really are. Imagine you are in a cave from where you can’t see the outside and one day you get the opportunity to leave the cave and see what there is outside, which is the reality.

Learn to meditate, which will give you the opportunity to walk toward the future. While you meditate you go through a tunnel and get a glimpse of what there is outside = what there really is. Learn to meditate.

What Meditation Does for You

What meditation does for you is manifold and for someone, who does not practice meditation regularly, shear unbelievable.

Meditation is a practice of absolute relaxation. When you practice meditating for a few weeks, you will literally be out of your body as long as you are in the state of meditation. You will get another understanding of yourself, your body, your mind and about life and this world. Meditation connects you with knowledge of the universe.

You easily and better concentrate on whatever you do. Your intuition rises. You see things clearly and your thoughts are more subjective. Your understanding of things is better. Your perception will alter.

You feel stress less. You need less sleep. If you have to solve a problem, after meditating you suddenly know the solution. You regularly feel positive. Your memory greatly improves. Your inner guidance is more open to you. You make better choices. You are relaxed. Meditation feels great.

Meditation has great health benefits, such as the result of relaxation, physical vitality increases, an improved posture, release of tension, deeper breathing and you stop to get sick. You are more energetic.

You generally feel more positive. You are healthier. Your mind works better. Your frequency of vibration rises, which is imperative to live a better life.

You draw positive people toward you who are of advantage to you. Friends, to whom you have lost the connection, will suddenly call you or find you on one of the social sites of which you are a member. You have a positive relation to people in general. You don’t experience fear and doubt anymore.

Wrong and limiting beliefs will clear up. Bad memories that have bothered you through years will stop troubling you and the tension of these memories will go.

Practice meditation daily once or twice for 15 to 20 minutes
If you meditate longer, meaning 30 minutes, the benefits strengthen. You could meditate for 20 minutes during workdays and 30 minutes on weekends.
Try to meditate at a specific time as for example right after you wake up or before dinner.
Note: Do not eat 2 hours before meditating! If you workout before meditating, the meditation experience is better.

You will eliminate the tension and stress you experienced since your last meditation. You will not be without the solution for a problem longer than 3 days. Usually the solution comes into your mind right after you meditate. For example, you want to speak with someone about a certain topic, but you don’t know how to best do that. After you meditated you will suddenly know what to say. Another example: You need a certain amount of money in addition to your monthly income to buy something. After mediating you will suddenly have an idea how to quickly make this additional amount of money.

Meditate on no specific subject during your first weeks of meditating. As soon as you are practising for some time, you can focus your meditation on a certain topic. For example: You start meditating and when you are in a deep state of meditation, you visualize the final outcome of a specific goal you have.

You can focus your meditation on feeling happy. If you have any kind of physical problem, you can focus on it and visualize it in full health. For example if you have a pain in a leg, you might visualize seeing yourself run and dance and feel good.

While you meditate you are deeply relaxed, it is a state that is deeper as if you sleep even though you are fully conscious. You can be almost empty of any thought and feel this wonderful bliss, which is usual while you are in a meditative state. However your attention can wander and memories that seemed to be forgotten can come to the surface. In this case recognize and accept it, and return to your meditation. You can have a curtain close in front of the images or old memories or let it just fade out.

After you have read this article, you got only an idea about what meditation does for you. You will experience all benefits as soon as you meditate regularly for a couple of weeks. If you start to meditate, you will be enormously glad that you did.


Changes of Brain Activity Achieved With Regular Meditation

A scientist has found that already after meditating for 5 weeks brain activity changes. The best of meditation is that it increases happiness, which changes the emotional frequency of vibration. The result is that whatever you do, it will work out, everything in life will be better.

Regular meditation changes your brainactivity and increases your positive mood and well being.

As the pattern of brain activity of Buddhist monks are different, but they meditate daily through years, a young scientist wanted to find out, if a change of brain activity can be achieved after meditating a shorter period.

He found evidence that there is change already after meditating for five weeks.

“People who had done the meditation training showed a greater proportion of activity in the left frontal region of the brain in response to subsequent attempts to meditate. Other research has found that this pattern of brain activity is associated with positive moods.” from

This is good news for people who wrongly believed that meditation takes a lot of time and that one has to meditate for months if not years to get results. If you start to meditate, you actually immediately afterwards feel wonderful and happier, which you do any time you meditate. With each mediation your happiness increases, but also your health and your life in general, because you see everything clearer, you are less stressed, you are mostly calm, you work more effectively and there are more positive facts to meditations.

When you meditate daily, your good mood stays morning till night and your happiness will increase. Only 10 to 20 minutes a day and your life will be better.


Different Types of Meditation are experienced differently

Many years ago I have learned Transcendental Meditation. Let me tell you, it was expensive and it was absolutely worth it. I have practised it twice a day in the morning and in the early evening. The benefits of meditation are numerous. I experienced inner calmness. Before you have learned how to meditate and have practised meditation for some time, you just don’t know what is meant with inner calmness.

This “inner calmness” is a lot more as what you might think. It is not at all that you are not lively any more, no, you are much more in life as through meditation you see many more facets life has.

But let me first write about what happens at the beginning. This will show you some of the benefits of meditation.

1. During the first weeks of meditation good and bad memories are coming to the surface. But it is not at all painful. What happens is, the content of your brain is being organized. Your brain can look chaotic as probably your wardrobe. With the organization of the content of your brain, you suddenly become organized in your life too. Yes, I am very organized.

2. There are people around you, who are negative or have a negative impact on you. They vanish by themselves after you learned and practise meditation. Wonderful people, with whom you have lost the contact, will suddenly call you and wish to see you.

Attention: This is a special benefit of meditation: You have lost the contact to certain people, because your frequency of vibration has changed and this has made them disappear. They have not been in vibrational harmony with you. Thanks to meditation your frequency of your vibration increases and you are again in harmony with all the nice people you know and you will draw more wonderful people toward you.

3. After you have meditated for a few weeks and you wish to remember something: You only have to close your eyes, meditate a little and you will be in that very moment of what you want to remember. You will see, smell and hear everything as if you are present. You can’t speak with the people. But you are there, no matter what time of your life it was. Isn’t that a benefit of meditation!

4. But there is another great benefit of meditation. Whatever problem you have, even if you are not aware of it, you will get out of your meditation with the solution. It is what some call an “eye-opener”. – Oh, that is how I should do this! This is how I should talk to this person. – You see a situation, which seemed problematic from another perspective and what you have to do to turn it into a success.

Well, meditation is immensely powerful. I could go on and on and tell you more about it.

After doing TC-Meditation for a long time, I was curious of other types of meditation and so I searched for meditation online. I found that there are lots of different types of meditations online and they offer meditation videos and music to download. One does not need music to meditate, because meditation is done in silence.


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