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Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifesting Your Dreams with Your Thoughts and Emotions


What you think and focus on often will get into its shape. That is why you have to be careful about what you think. If you have problems and think about them a lot, the problems will grow. If you think often of your dreams, your dreams will become true. So easy can manfiesting your dreams be. It is said that repeated thoughts are taken as a command by the subconscious mind, which will do whatever it can to bring it into your reality. The subconscious mind does not understand negations. If you think that you do not want that problem, the subconscious mind will understand that you want it.

To Manifest Your Dreams you have to exercise manifesting

We think in pictures, even though you are not aware of it. When you think of something, this thought turns into a picutre. The picture activates a feeling in you. Thoughts and feelings is the same! When you feel great, you think positive thoughts. The feeling activates a certain frequency of vibration. The feeling is understood by the subconscious mind.

Watch yourself how you feel and what then happens. If you are in a good mood, things work out wonderfully. But if you have negative emotions and you don’t feel so well, you will have a real bad day. If you are in a bad mood, your vibration will be low and you will attract things that are vibrating slowly. Be in a good mood and your frequency of vibration will rise. With a higher frequency you will attract things with a higher vibration.

Decide being happy, staying in a good mood and feeling happy day by day and your life will change to the better. Furthermore your dreams will become true.

Manifestation starts with a thought and is realized with your frequency of vibration.

Your frequency of vibration attracts objects, people and even situations that have the same frequency.
Important advise: If you are surrounded by old looking objects, get rid of it. If you are surrounded by people, who are negative often, stop seeing them. If you have objects that are looking old, but they are special to you, have them painted or renovated and they will radiate another frequency. If you are meeting with people, who are often in a bad mood, you cannot manifest your dreams. The low vibration of these peope is radiating and your frequency will be pulled down.

I am sure you have heard a person say about another, that he/she is on his/her wave length. It is the frequency of vibration which tis meant.

What means Frequency of Vibration; Everything we perceive, even our bodies, consists of tiny particles, called subatomic particles. They sometimes change into waves. Waves are making an interference pattern. Particles make dots and can also make interference patterns. What is important here is that particles vibrate and it depends on the frequency of vibration to what kind of object it will be formed. Particles of a human body vibrate differently as particles of a mountain.

If you can’t get yourself into the frequency of vibration of what you want to attract, you will not be manifesting your dreams. Always be aware of how you feel. Whenever you do not feel so good, do something to feel better. Think about what you can do to get into a better mood. The better your mood the quicker you will manifest your dreams.

What are your dreams, which you want to manifest?

Make a list of your dreams. Look for images that represent your dreams in magazines and brochures and make a vision board. Fix the images on a large picture frame and hang it to a wall on which you are looking often. Make a wish video with the images you find online. With this approach you will make yourself think often of your dreams. Whenever you look at the images, you will think of your dreams. With the help of the images you make yourself think of your dreams.

As a next step write down what you wish in your dream and make plans about what shall be done to bring them into your reality. Every moment you are thinking about of your dreams count.

What is important for Manifesting Your Dreams?


Thoughts: With thoughts you control what you attract.

Images: Choose images, which represent your dreams. Visualize those images often.

Feelings: Get yourself into the feeling in which you will be in when your dreams have been manifested.

Frequency of Vibration: With the right feelings you will get yourself into the right frequency of vibration, which will manifest your dreams.

What can you do to support and accelerate the manifestation of your dreams?

We need helpful methods and tools to help us vibrate with a certain frequency. Highly effective tools, which help you manifesting your dreams are vision boards and wish videos, Use methods such as

Get and stay in a high frequency of vibration manifesting your dreams

, which are hightly effective to change your subconscious programming, which includes changing wrong beliefs, limiting thought and emotional patterns, bad habits and certain characteristics.

Get and stay in a high frequency of vibration manifesting your dreams


Remember, as a child you were so very cheerful while you were looking forward to receive a gift that you so much wished to get. Or think back when you were looking forward to go out dancing. You have been in a good mood, prepared yourself for the evening, thought about what you will wear and you had a certain expectation. See, you planned the evening in your mind and then you did what you thought about.

Thinking - activating emotions - planning - actions
= Manifesting Your Dreams

This is exactly what you should do. Look forward with joy to get what you want, triple light-footed, dance whenever you can and start to prepare yourself for what will soon happen in your life. Hear music in your ears (imagine it) as you walk and stay in a good mood throughout the day.

You need to know what to look forward, as this is what you will be manifesting. What exactly are your Dreams about? Imagine also during the day what you dream and make plans to know what you have to do to prepare yourself for to manifest your dreams.




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