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Miracle and how to let them happen
Is it possible for anyone to make miracles happen? The secret lies in the belief!

What is a Miracle?

What a miracle is, is different from person to person. For one person it is the birth of a baby, for someone else the birth of a baby happens every moment somewhere in the world and is a given. Actually a miracle is something that happens unexpectedly and with a miracle we connect something positive.

If we hardly believe that something will happen, but we would want it to happen, we rather say: It would be a miracle if this would happen before the end of the year.

I now say: Nothing, which happens in your life is a miracle, even if you believe, that something which has actually happened, was a miracle. It is nothing else than something you have manifested.

But the word Miracle is such a beautiful word. I really love it.

Think about what would be a Miracle for you and what you want to happen out of this list of miracles. You can make it happen!

Everything has a certain frequency of vibration. To make something be part of your life, you got to get yourself in it’s frequency of vibration. A Miracle has usually a quite high frequency and it is not so easy to get yourself onto this frequency. How to get yourself on a certain frequency you can read in one of my previous posts.

Make a Miracle happen. Make it happen for Christmas. And make it happen before this year end.

Make A Miracle Happen – Learn how to do it!
Click the link above and find out what you can do to make miracles happen. Believe it!

Make this day the best, make the next festivity the best. Start to prepare yourself now and make what is a miracle for you happen. Believe in Miracles!

Miracles are actually a manifestation of a strong belief.
Jesus said that it is not him who lets miracles happen, but the belief of the people to whom the miracles happened. Read about his words about belief in several parts of the New Testament of the Bible.


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