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Succeed And Achieve Your Goals

We Are Not Taught To Succeed - We learn so much at school, but not how to succeed in life and not how to make money. We do not learn how to set goals and how to achieve them, even though this can be taught and learned. A few people are taught and shown by their parents how to succeed in life and a few figure it out themselves.

The Result is that only a fraction of the population in this world is considered to be rich. The majority of people live with minimum means, often not able to pay their regular bills. They work hard, are paid little salaries and are afraid of making any major changes in their lives. Most people can't imagine that it is absolutely possible to change the conditions of life to how they would want them to be.

Our Thoughts - For decades we read and hear that we have to think positive and subsequently the conditions of our life will change to the better, but we experienced that thinking positive is not at all easy as it is almost impossible to effectively control our thoughts throughout the day. Again and again we are not conscious of certain thoughts, which come. There is no button to switch thoughts off, which are somewhat negative.

Excercise To Control Your Thinking - When you learn to meditate, you are taught that when a picture comes up you should not follow it with your thinking, but wipe it away. To do this each person should find his personal way. For example one can imagine curtains close over the image as in a theatre or have an empty slide in whatever color slip on top of the image. The same can be done with our thoughts. This has to be exercised. Whenever a thought, which is negative, comes into your mind, you just switch over to think about something which is part of your set goals, which means that we have to force us to be focused on our goals which we wish to achieve.

We Do Not See, We Perceive - When we understand that every matter, also our body, consists of particles which are constantly moving and changing and when we also understand that what we believe to see is only a perception, we should be able to change everything. Quantum physicists say that each person lives in his own world, which laps over the world of others. Our lives and surrounding represent our thoughts and believes. Only some part of it is influenced from others. When we succeed to shift our believe system to understand that nothing is firm and everything can be transformed, we are able to turn our lives around.

To Turn Your Life Around is easier with the help of a mentor. The use of a personal mentor is expensive and time consuming and so not available for most people. Would it be possible to be taught how to control our thoughts, how to change our believe system how to succeed in life and finally how to make money in little and affordable increments, it would open a door to a new life for many. A life in which they set goals and believe to succeed, to make more than enough money, in short to enjoy life more.

How to Achieve A High Goal

When someone has a high goal he wants to achieve, he stays in there and does not give up. A littel goal does not have this impact.
Expect what you want and be certain to get it!
It is said that it costs as much effort to creat a poor life as it does to create a rich life. It is your decision.

Too many people never start to achieve a high goal. They only follow others and don’t go very far. They look for work to make a living and stay in their routing of getting up in the morning, going to work, coming home, eating, watching TV and going to bad. There are never any big highs or lows. They don’t dare to set a high goal as they are afraid of a big low. The higher up you get, the lower you can fall, they say. Only a few people set themselves high goals, some give up when they are facing an obstacle. And the rest keeps going, until they achieve their goal.

What makes those people set high goals and keep going until they achieved the planned results?

It is strange that it is the high goals that make people stay in there and not give up. The higher a goal, the more passionate one is about it. People who set high goals keep on keeping on no matter how big the obstacles are, which come into their way.

We all can achieve high goals. We have to set them and be certain to achieve them.

You must not fight against all odds. You can make it easy using tools of the digital era. They cost little and they will catapult you from a mediocre life to raising your standards and living the life you don’t dare to dream, until you understand that you can have it.

People are not setting high goals, because they believe that they could not accomplish them. They have been programmed with these limiting beliefs from their parents and sometimes from friends. These limiting beliefs can be reprogrammed. There are tools, such as Hypnosis or subliminal recordings, which support you. If you want to get rid of beliefs that hold you back to aim high in life, be persistent in being certain that you have all it takes to achieve your goals and use tools such as hypnosis and subliminal recordings daily. You could learn to meditate to get results.

To achieve a big goal, you need to have a strong self esteem. If your self esteem is low, start changing it today. It is easy to strengthen it and it makes such a big difference. With a stronger self esteem, your belief in yourself changes. It is as if a light goes up and you begin to imagine that you can get more of life. Yes, you can. As you raise your self esteem, you will have confidence to be able achieving so much more.

Expect what you want and be certain to get it. Do not procrastinate. Procrastination is fear. If you focus your thoughts on your goal, you will not think of fear. This means that you have to first set a goal. You can start out to aim achieving a small goal, but have a big goal in front of you and see the small goal as an exercise.

Are you thinking of the effort that it takes to achieve a high goal? Are you afraid of putting effort into something? It is so much nicer to meet with friends, just sit around a table, have something to drink and chat. Is this the reason that you renounce being rich, live in a beautiful home, drive a fast car and go for expensive vacations? Think about that when you sit somewhere letting time pass, instead of planning a better future.

Make a decision! What is it that you want? Look at people who got older and always took their life easy and have to look back to a boring life. Money was always short. There was not enough for any vacation and if they had a vacation, they did not go far. These people look worn out as if they have worked very hard and some did. Just think if you want that. Or do you have a better dream? Sit down, take a piece of paper and write it down. Start forming this dream in your mind and then put one step after the other to get where you want to be.

It is said that it costs as much effort to create a poor life as it does to create a rich life. It is your decision.

One more advice and take it serious. It is not the money that makes happy, but what you do with the money. And always keep making new friends. You will sit around a table with friends, not on a daily basis, but for a big celebration whenever you have achieved a high goal.



Make Your Decisions on Your Own and Keep Your Goals to Yourself

Would I have listened to the advice of my family, friends or banks, Norsk Hydro would not exist today, wrote the founder of Norsk Hydro in one of the Annual Reports.

If you talk about a goal and plans to achieve it with other people, whtey make you aware of risks, which might never happen would you not focus on them.

Make your decisions on your own and keep your goals to yourself. Others would talk you out of your decision to set and reach your big goal. Do not rely on other people when you have to make a decision and keep on putting effort to achieve a certain goal. If you discuss a decision you have to make with other people, you actually want to share it with someone else to not have to take full responsibility in case things don’t work out as expected. Just think about it!

If you say to a friend or family member that you don’t know if you should do this or not, what do you expect that person to say? They will think about the decision you have to make from their point of view, which is very different from yours. When I announced that I learn to make a website, friends said that they can’t make one. Well, I did not think if I can do it, I learned to do it. Would I have asked anyone, what he thinks about making a website, I would have been answered that there are people who study this subject and how on earth could I believe to make one on my own without very much technical background.

I then was asked, what I will do with this website. I answered that I will write articles about a certain topic. They meant that this is a lot of work and if I really want to get myself into this. I told them that I enjoy writing. See, they don’t enjoy writing. They continued asking me what the sense there is to have a website. I explained that I will make some money with it posting advertisement on it.

Would I have discussed if I should make a website with any of my friends or family, they would have tried to talk me out of it and I might have questioned if it is really a good idea or not to have my own website. Frankly, I did not know how much work it is. I made a decision and I usually stick to my decisions.

If you talk about a goal and plans to achieve it with other people, they can’t help you, but get you to think of the other side of the coin. They will make you aware of risks, which might never come up would you not start to consider them. You would spread your energy across several different outcomes, instead of focusing on only one and this is achieve it. A discussion about a plan might very possibly put an end to most of your euphoria about it and so destroy the most important ingredient you need to succeed and this is the frequency of vibration activated by your euphoria. Your frequency of vibration is responsible if you attract the result of your plans or not. The moment a seed against is planted into your mind a failure is almost inevitable, if you are not able to fully deny what friends and family are telling you.

Most other people, even if their advice is meant good, have a negative effect on your decision making and this is why I suggest not to rely on another person’s advice. Thanks to the internet you can very well research anything into depth without having to discuss it with anyone near you.

Make the decision about a goal yourself and don’t let anyone talk you out of it. I suggest you keep your goal to yourself and if other people see what you are doing and question it, letting you know all their pro and contra, tell them strictly that this is your business and they should keep out of it.

Keep your goal to yourself. You put much more effort into reaching a goal if you decide to do it yourself and stay on your own until you reached it. Do not rely on others, but rely on your own exertion. You will be more productive if you are not influenced by the point of view of others, who do not intent to reach the goal you set for yourself. Of course it depends on how the person with whom you speak about a goal is willing to help you. If you have someone who constantly supports you to keep going, it will be a positive influence. But people who want others to succeed are seldom.

If you set yourself a big goal, most friends will try hard to stop you as they are afraid to lose you, which will quite probably happen. If your friends spend their leisure time sitting around and chatting, while you put your time and effort in building up multiple resources of income, your friends will financially and socially stay were you are, while you will raise your standards. Answer yourself the question: Do you want to live a mediocre or poor life and sit together with your friends chatting and envy others who are successful, or do you want to live a successful and abundant life and make new friends who also live a successful and abundant life.

I remember, many years back I worked in a stock broker company in Paris. In my lunch breaks I went to the documentation department and read annual reports. By chance I got the annual report of Norsk Hydro, a large industry in Norway, into my hands. On the first page was written by the founder of Norsk Hydro: Would I have listened to the advice of my family, friends, lawyers or banks, Norsk Hydro would not exist today.” Ever since that day, I made my decision on my own and let no one talk me out of it. Of course I took risks and of course not everything went well. But I took responsibility for my entire life and do not regret any decision I made myself. One time I have listened to someone else and it was a very, very disaster. I told myself that I was responsible for it, because I let someone influence me. I actually did not want to do that.

You should very well understand now why you should make your decisions on your own and keep your goals to yourself.


To Make Decisions is imperative to Achieve Your Goals

People, who make decisions, go to the top and people, who don’t, go nowhere.

Think that when you made a decision to do something, you immediately began to make it happen and did it. When you decide to go to the cinema, you also decide when you go, to what cinema you go and what movie you will see and you do it.

When you say to yourself that you want a new car, you might forget about it for a while. But if you decide to buy a new car, you will start to find out what kind of car you will buy, where you will buy it and you will fix a date when you go to test drive and how to finance it.

If you want to go on vacation, you have to decide it. The moment you decided to go on vacation, you will decide when you go, you will think about where you want to spend your vacation, how long you will stay and how much money you are willing to pay for it. You have to make several decisions, which you will do right after you decided to go on vacation. Not before you made all necessary decisions – when, where, how long and the cost, you can book the trip.

When you say to yourself that you want to become rich and you work a little harder, not so much will happen. But if you decide to become rich and think about what you have to do to achieve this goal, you will have started to become rich.

You will brainstorm possibilities with which you can make more money and then comes the next decision you have to make. You have to pick one of the possibilities with which you can make more money. When you decide on one, you will think about how to realize it.

Decision making is a habit. Make it a habit that whenever you want something, decide that you want it and immediately start to think about how you can get it.

If you make a decision, you have to know exactly what it is you want. To know exactly what you want is imperative to get it. If you want to achieve a goal, you have to make the decision to achieve it. It sounds so easy, but is difficult for most people.

People, who have a difficulty to make decisions, do not know what they want. In some way it is the same to know what you want and make a decision about getting it.

Do you know exactly what you want? Where do you want to live? With whom do you want to live there? Do you want to live in an apartment or in a house? What kind of car do you want to drive? How much money do you want to earn monthly? What do you want to do in your leisure time? Ask yourself questions and write the answers down. Then decide to realize all you want and think about what you have to do to realize it.

Make it a habit to make a decision right after thinking about something you want and about anything you want to achieve.

It is very helpful if you make a mind movie with images of what you want. You have to look for images, which represent exactly what you want. If you watch your mind movie at least twice a day or have it run while you work at your computer with the transparency turned high, you will send this message to your subconscious mind, which will support you to realize it quicker.


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