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What is TIME?
What is time for you?
What can you do with time?

We all know that time is only perceived from us as linear. We all have heard about the relativity of time and we know that time has a curvature.
The faster someone moves the slower the time and vice versa.
Time is a construct that can be managed from each person individually.

Can you win time?
How to win time is about thinking what you do with your time.

Time can’t be managed. The day has 24 hours and there are seven days a week. That is a fact and not variables.

You can’t manage time, but you can plan what to do with 24 hours a day. You can sleep 6 to 8 hours at once, or twice for 3 to 4 hours. If you meditate you save time as you need less sleep. You can win 1 to 4 hours a day. There is nothing else which is so effective to win time as meditation.

You can make a time table about what you will do at what time and stick to that schedule. If you write down what you have to do to reach your day goal and follow it, you will absolutely win time. Being organized saves time.

You can do something about the effectiveness of using the given time.
Watch yourself a week long and make notes about how you use your time during this week. How long are you hanging on the phone, chatting with a friend.You appreciate chatting and most probably also your friend. But there are things you have to do and it has to be done till a certain date. Wouldn’t it be better to make the chat with your friend a little shorter to have more time for what you have to have finished at a certain date? How much time do you spend reading emails and answering them or reading posts on facebook or on another social medea platform. It is time you appreciate, but is it what has to be done to achieve your goals?

Focus on what you have to do to get what you want in life, eliminate or shorten what is not important, and have the rest of the time for leisure, which is time for yourself to relax, for family, friends and sports.

After the week, during which you make notes about how you use your time, is over, go through your notes and see what you have done with your “time”. Did you use it well? Did you get done what you had to do to reach your goals?

Go through the list of notes day by day. What could you eliminate to win time for more important tasks? Where could you save time? What for would you like to have more time?

You can get help to get more time. For example you could make a list of foods that you need to shop, send it by email to a market and have it send to you. No driving to the market, no walking from aisle to aisle, no lining up at the cash desk. You could save an hour if not more.
Get a cleaning lady for several hours a week. A cleaning lady costs a couple of bucks per hour. This hour you can use for a more important task.

How much time do you spend with emails and on social sites? Go through your messages quickly. Answer what has to be answered succinctly. Click away the rest. Time won: x hours.
Are you posting on twitter? Do it once a week. There are several portals that give you the opportunity to manage your twitter accounts.

Think about each single note you made about how you spend your time. Look at how much time you can win if you make some changes. Start your day with important tasks and focus on them. You will have them done faster. Think about what you will do with the won time. Give some of it to your business, some of it to brainstorm new ideas and some of it to have more time to relax, spend it with family and friends and commit to regular workout

Time For Hobbies And Special Interests

Make time for hobbies and special interests. To spend time for hobbies and special interests increases your happiness.

I have read a lot about New Year’s resolutions. One of the New Year’s resolutions was different. It said: Make more time for hobbies and special interests.

Are you having enough time for your hobbies and your special interests? If not, you really should think about making some time for it.

You can’t manage time, you can only manage what you do with it. You have to be clear about what you do during the day. Make a plan every evening and in the morning follow your schedule.. Focus on each item on your schedule and don’t think about what you have to do next. Delegate work. You can’t do anything yourself. If you outsource work or get help, you have more time to be creative and to set up another resource of income.

You can get more time if you meditate regularly. During the meditation you are so deeply relaxed that you need less sleep. It can get you one to four hours more for work or leisure and spend time for hobbies and your special interests.

Watch yourself how you spend time. If you chat too long, force yourself to shorten chats. Grocery shopping takes a lot of time. You can order by internet with a few clicks.. Driving to and from a gym takes time. Buy some workout equipment and workout at home. Be organized. To be organized saves time.

Hobbis and special interests is an important part of a happy life. I have friends you did not know what to do with themselves. They had no interests. A special interest is fulfilling and spending some time with it feels like having a little vacation. And you could make money with your hobby. Think about it! How would you feel would you make money doing what you really like to do.

What are your hobbies and special interests?
Some examples:
Reading literature
Reading biographies
Collecting stamps
Collecting memorabilia of a rock or a movie star
Playing tennis
Painting or drawing
Playing chess
Interest in UFO appearances
Interest in archeology
Interest in spirituality
And thousands more

Take a few minutes and write down all your hobbies and special interests. Don’t think about priorities. Just write down everything that comes into your mind.

Then think back, what interests you had in the past few years, but you had no time to follow them. They are still there somewhere in your mind and are stored as not done yet. I wanted to, but did not have time for it and still have no time for it. You would feel much better would you have once a week some time for this interest.

Everything that we leave unfinished is responsible for blocks. Make a note of all what comes into your mind, what you have not finished or for what you had no time to do, and then make some time to get all that done.

To spend some time with a hobby or a special interest, and if it is only an hour or two a week, will make a difference in your life. It will definitely raise your degree of happiness. To be successful in your professional life and in some areas of your private life is great, but if you don’t take time for hobbies and special interests, you are missing something.

Think about it and make some time for your hobbies and special interests. It will take some of the tension, with which you come home from work. It will definitely raise your level of happiness. The happier you are the better your life.


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