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Your Mind Power Improved by Listening More To Your Inside and be lead by your Thought World

Your mind power is getting weakend by being focused too much on sensory experience. There is so much which catches our eyes. It is nothing to think about, but filling our mind with information, which controls us. “Buy this and do that!”

Light entertainment weakens your mind power. Documentaries, which are educating, are not watched so much, but soap opera, where you only sit there without having to think, get a lot of views. In the new it is atrocities, which interest more as positive news. Negative news are increasing negative emotions. How many people are out there, who are miserable day in and day out, but they do not want to miss any bad news, which decreases their well-being.

When you do not control what you are watching, you regress from the evolvement of your mind.

There is so much potential of your mind, which has to be fed to evolve. Surely you should think about feeding it with positive information, which gives you reason for positive thoughts and positive thoughts generate positive emotions. There is one more aspect to this. It is calmness of mind. You can only achieve calmness of mind when you are feeling good and when you are in a positive mood.

You calm your mind, giving more attention to your inner world. How often are you listening into yourself and not looking out of yourself?

Many people have destructive thought patterns. They have been and are influenced with a large degree by the outside world. Most people are controlled by the outside world and let others control them and their life. Would they listen to themselves and looking into themselves, they would act differently and get different results. They envy rich people, but they are not willing to do what has to be done to become rich. The rich people took control of their thinking. This is the big difference.

Most people lack self esteem, which is a result of looking outside and comparing with others. They wrongly believe that they are minor in comparison to what they perceive in the outside world. In the inside they are the best and it is on them how much better they want to get. Why don’t they go the way of success? They are afraid of having to put effort into something and they are sure that this will bring discomfort. How much are you looking at the outside and how much into yourself? As you are looking at others, you compare yourself with others, which might end in envy, jealousy, and anger. These are negative emotions which are self made.

Negative emotions are harmful. If you listen more to your inner self, a world in which you take control, you will feed positive emotions and improve your happiness. Happiness is in the inside and not outside. It is an emotional state which no one can give or take from you but yourself.

Become aware that you are living in your mind, which is open for any kind of imagination.

It is not matter, which makes us feel good and be happy, but the emotion of having certain matter. But that emotion is short lived. Matter is of importance in life, but it is not and should not be the main reason for happiness. Happiness should be unconditional.

If you are happy and love yourself, your love for others will increase and it will improve your happiness.

In the outside world think about what you think, choose well what you look at, what you buy, what you eat! It is your decision. Do not let others control your thinking, your health, your body weight, the way you spend your time, how much money you make, and most importantly how you feel.

Increasing your Mind Power begins with thinking, thoughtfulness and that includes controlling your thoughts. As you control your thoughts you also control your emotions, because every thought generates a certain feeling. Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and positive feelings rise your frequency of vibration, which is responsible for how you perceive the outside world.



Choose Your Thoughts Well as They Create Your Reality

Choose your thoughts wisely, because they create your realtiy and have enormous power about your and your life. You can influence your thoughts within yourself. Thoughts determine your reality. Before you do anything, there is always first the thought. Without a thought there is no action and without action there is no result. But there is much more than that, that make thoughts, especially your choice of your thoughts so important. Quite everything, if not all, is a phenomenon of thought. Human thoughts can influence matter and outcome.

With our thoughts we can influence what we see and experience. We see what we focus on. I am sure it has happened to you that you were interested in a specific subject and suddenly one or more specific words regarding this subject jumped out of an articles, whereby other words that might also interest you, but not at that time, do not. When witnesses are asked questions from the police, they each remember other stuff. It is always what you focus on, you consciously perceive, while you overlook other things.

As we can only hear what is in a specific range of frequency, we can also only see stuff, which is in a specific range of frequency. There is a lot of noise in the air, which you cannot hear and a lot of things, which you cannot see.

But let us come back to focusing your thoughts to what you want and that you should choose your thoughts well. Visualizing is focused thought while you are in a relaxed state of mind. It is a great means to create what you want. If you visualize specific objects or situations, you will almost automatically do, what has to be done to get the object or get you into the desired situation. It is believed that the subconscious mind supports you to get what you want as much as it can. If you believe in that, you will create whatever you want faster and faster.

We are not seeing, but perceiving and it is said that each person is able to create his individual reality. What you focus on you will perceive and it will manifest. It is about the belief in the ability to create. Try it out! Start with little goals and fully focus on them, visualize frequently every day and await the desired result. You will absolutely influence the outcome. And think that everything is preceded by a thought.

But there are limiting beliefs that we all have. If you fear something, you actually focus on it and draw exactly what you fear into your life.

So chooose your toughts, think well about what you think and on what you focus your thoughts. If you catch yourself hanging on to an unwanted thought, whisk it away and quickly replace it with something you want in your life.


Our Thoughts Influence The Genetic Coding (DNA)

There is a book and a movie explaining that our thoughts influence almost everything, even our genetic coding (DNA). I am sorry, it is all in German. The book is called ‘The Law of Resonance‘.

You are influenced by your thoughts, but also by thoughts of people and by things that surround you.

I have already written that you have to be careful about people with whom you meet, that it is important where you are, what things surround you. We all feel better, when we are surrounded by nature in comparison to being in a large town. It is much healthier eating natural foods instead of industrially processed foods.

Just think that thoughts are responsible for your emotion and your emotions for your vibration. As you vibrate, also people around you vibrate and you influence each other. When I understood this, I stopped seeing people who were constantly complaining and people, who too often talked about negative topics. I feel a lot better since. I must admit that it was not easy to stop seeing some of my friends, but I had to choose between my wellbeing or a friendship. What happened was that I met again with friends, whom I had not seen for a while and made new friends. They all are positive, talk about positive topics and enjoy life.

When you are getting sick and you ask yourself why, you should first think about your thoughts and then think about who and what surrounds you. Are you often complaining or nagging and talking about negative topics? Are you often together with negative people? No one is permanently in a fantastic mood. It happens to everybody to not feeling so great, having to go through a difficult time, having to solve a problem and having to face all kinds of difficulties. But people who are in the habit of being mostly in a good mood, never stay in a bad mood too long. It also is a habit not to think back to bad moments or bad conditions, but live in the now.

When it happens to me that I don’t feel so good, I do something, which cheers me up. When I meet with someone, who makes me feel bad, I am suddenly in a hurry, say goodbye and quickly go away. You must understand that being in a bad mood often can make you sick.

Having your thoughts focused on health and if you are sick on improvement of health, you can even change your genetic coding (DNA). This was found out in experiments, which I learned in the before mentioned movie.

You certainly have heard of Emoto’s finding that the water crystals change depending if they hear soothing or noisy music or when words are spoken such as love or hate. And then think that you consist of about 80 percent of water. So you are influenced by certain music, by words thought spoken out or heard, but of course also by the kind of radiation of other people. You radiate the frequency of vibration in which you are in, which is felt by people near you, as you feel theirs.

There is a univeral law, which is called the Law of Resonance and this is a law which gets too little attention, compared to the law of attraction. Reading articles about the law of attraction you might think that everything is only dependend on you. But you are part of a whole (a oneness) and influenced also by others.


Stop To Worry, Instead Think Out of Boundaries

Stop to worry! What you worry about never happens, but you limit yourself. Instead think out of boundaries and achieve more as you believe you could

Did you ever think what would change in your life would you stop to worry?

Most people worry too much. What happens is that they set themselves senseless limits. What they worry about never happens.

A mother who constantly worries and speaks those worries out. She says: If you don’t learn enough, you will not pass the exam! Instead of saying: If you learn more and give more, you are better at school and you have better chances in life.

And how often have you heard or said yourself the words: What if this or that happens? Did it ever occur that anyone would say: And what, if all we worry about doesn’t happen? If we don’t do that, we have lost the business. We can make it if we just get into this and give the best we can!

Think back and try to recall when you, family members, friends or work- or business partners spoke out worries and what you then thought and said. Now imagine, they, including you, would have spoken out ideas about how to make it bigger and better. How would your life look today?

Why would you lose precious time worrying about things that will most probably never happen? Stop to worry and start to think effectively of what you have to do to accomplish a goal or to make a certain situation happen.

Think what difference it would make, would you stop to worry and start to think bigger. Think out of your boundaries. Ask for and expect more. Write down all the ideas you have to make your life better or earn more money. Then double all of it and expect it to happen.

If you want to earn more money you have to take more responsibility, do everything a bit better and put a little more effort into it. Isn’t it worth in comparison to poverty?

Make a commitment now that you will stop to worry and instead think out of boundaries and beyond the limits you believe you have.


Problem Solution Thinking

Whenever you automate one of your tasks, you don’t have to think of it, which is convenient.

It is not that you need a machine doing that task, but make it a habit. Make tasks you dislike be a habit. Just think: Would it not be so important for the health of your teeth, would you brush them twice daily? It became a habit that you do it without thinking and without having to force yourself to do it.

You could even automate problem solving. Though when you make problem solving a habit, you have to find a certain manner of doing it and then you would deal with every problem in the same manner.

I suggest not to make the problem solving process a habit, because not every problem can be solved with one certain manner. I suggest getting into the habit of a problem solution way of thinking, meaning that you don’t focus on the problem, but on looking for a solution. This you have to make a habit.

Whenever you have a problem and find yourself constantly thinking of the problem, which is stressful, start thinking about how you can solve the problem. At the beginning you will again and again slap back to your olf problem thinking manner. The more often you got yourself brainstorming for solutions, you will stay positive and not freak out even when a bigger problem comes into your way.

When you mainly entertain positive thoughts, which creates positive emotions, you are in a higher frequency of vibration and in this higher frequency of vibration things workout well. While when you are entertaining negative thoughts, which creates negative emotions, things don’t workout at all, which gets you further down, because your frequency of vibration sank. With problem thinking you catapult yourself into a negative spiral, which is dragging you into a crisis. Many people have ruined their lives doing that.

So start thinking of solutions the next time you are confronted with a problem. Take a moment, sit down, and write down all possibilities that might solve the problem. Rethink each of the solutions that came into your mind and choose the best. Then start to solve the problem.

Not each problem can be solved right away. Some problems seem to be irresolvable, which is not true. There is no problem that can’t be solved. The solution lies in the first place in your way of thinking. Positive thoughts literally deliver solutions to your problems. Some problems, such as money problems, take time and effort to be solved. The moment you start thinking about how you can make money and get active, you are already one step nearer to having solved your money problem.

If you are sick, you will only get sicker if you think of the sickness. The moment you focus on health, you will start feeling better. Most sicknesses started with negative thinking.

Practise the manner of problem solving thinking, whenever a problem gets into your way.


The Power of Thought

Understand the power of thoughts and use it in your daily life. Of course you have first to exercise to entertain but positive thoughts.

How to get and stay happy

Do you have negative thoughts often and hang on to them for a long time, because you can’t let go of those thoughts immediately? If so, you really do yourself harm. If you are getting angry about something that has happened or about someone who did something which was against you, you create negative emotions. Yes, negative thoughts create negative emotions. Negative emotions push your frequency of vibration downward and this brings your life into a dark area where nothing works out. As nothing works out, you stay in that state of having negative emotions and everything in your life worsens.

If you watch your thoughts and notice that you entertain a negative thought, quickly whisk it away and think of something lovely and beautiful, something which you want to draw into your life. The reason is that thinking positive, beautiful and cheerful thoughts, you feel good. So you have positive emotions and they increase the frequency of vibration in which you stay.

The more often you entertain positive thoughts and have positive emotions, the more your frequency of vibration will rise and the better things will work out in your life. I call the highest state of positive emotions and high frequency of vibration the state of lightness of being. In this state someone is able to manifest instantly.

There are only a few people in the world who get very near to this state. Jesus was certainly was one of them. But not only him. We usually don’t hear from these people, because they usually are not materializing matter. Being in a higher state of consciousness, those people have other wishes as you and I. They don’t wish a great and expensive car, a large mansion and all kinds of amenities, which we usually wish. Those people are happy from within that you can call it bliss instead of happiness.

Okay, you and I wish for a better life and so only have to get near to the state of the lightness of being. If you have not understood yet, the nearer you get to the state of the lightness of being the better things will work out in your life, the faster you will manifest. I prefer to call it materializing, because that word explains better what happens and that is: You condense subatomic particles to a certain kind of matter: a car, a house, an outfit, jewellery, a travel ticket and so on.

To get anything you want, you have to entertain positive thoughts. Exercise to only think positive thoughts. You will stay in a positive emotion. As a result you will increase the frequency of vibration in which you are and being in a higher frequency of vibration, you are nearer to the state of the lightness of being and you will materialize your wishes faster.

The result will be that you feel happy, because of two reasons. First because you got used to only think positive thoughts and two: you get what you want relatively quickly.


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