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Control Yourself in any Circumstance Without Exception

Control Yourself at any time without allowing yourself exceptions. The more you control yourself the quicker you will succeed and the bigger success.

There are people who have to control themselves whenever they are in public or could be watched.

Just think that the camera could be on you, something in your face itches and you just can’t scratch. In such moments this itching is getting worse and you focus more on that itching. Next thing that happens is that you feel an absolute need to sneeze, but you can’t. You feel that itching and the need to sneeze, but you have to keep smiling and control yourself. Try it yourself and keep control of yourself in that situation: Next time something is itching anywhere in your face, don’t scratch!

If someone needs to go to the toilette during a long ceremony, there is no way to do so. For a woman this can become quite a problem, but she has to walk gracefully and sit quietly. No, this is not at all funny. Think of a reception and you have to stand near the door and greet each guest. Think that there are hundreds of guests. There is no way that you let them wait outside, while you go to the toilette. So, you have to go to the toilette, the need for it increases every moment, but you have to control yourself, stand there, keep smiling and talk a little with every single of your guests.

Now think of other situations where you have to control yourself. You are so angry of someone and would like to scream. Can you control yourself and keep calm?

You are at a function and someone tells a joke. You might want to break out in a big laugh, which is not stylish. You can laugh, but may not be this breakout into a kind of scream of laugh.

You are invited to an important dinner, cameras are again and again on you and you know you have to control yourself. You are very hungry and one course after the other is foods you really dislike. You can’t say, you dislike anything and you can’t just sit there doing nothing. So you have to eat just a little from each course.

If you work on a project and should finish it that day, but you are hungry and you can’t ask anyone to bring you some food and you can’t leave. Can you control yourself and stay till you have finished?

Can you control yourself in crucial moments?

When you are on the way to success, there a lots of moments you just have to control yourself. The more you do, the quicker you will succeed and the bigger your success will be.


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