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How To Learn To Manifest “Almost” Instantly

Learn to manifest instantlyC
an you imagine that anyone is able to manifest instantly? Can you imagine to manifest instantly yourself?

Let me tell you that if you can’t imagine to ever be able to manifest instantly, you will not be able to learn it, even if you would try hard. Belief has great power and is of utmost importance in the process of manifestation. I believe that we can’t manifest instantly, but we can learn to manifest better and faster. It takes daily practice of calming once mindto get into the alpha or theta state of mind, where you can form your reality with projecting yourself into an image or scene of your choice repetitively.

There are people who can manifest almost instantly.
+ They are in a very high emotional frequency of vibration. This means that they feel so great and are filled with happiness that they feel being light. This is why I call the state of being able to manifest instantly the state of the lightness of being.
+ They do not put any condition on being happy. They are happy no matter what.
+ They do not intent to manifest something low and heavy as a sports car or mansion. The density of something whicch we perceive as an object, is very high. This would lower their vibration Lets you think?
+ They meditate about twice a day for quite some time. In the Visualization Course you learn Vibrational Mantra Meditation, where you can visualize an object or anything you desire. Theses people do not meditate with a purpose, they meditate for higher consciousness.
+ These people can literally see that nothing is really firm. Remember that scientists such as Einstein said that reality is only an illusion. And Jesus said that his realm is not of this world.

Back to what we call our reality.
To perceive a certain object there must be a certain density of subatomic particles that come together to form the manifested object. A physicist would explain the process of manifestation with technical terms of physics and will most probably offer you a mathematical formula. One of the factors of this formula will be Hertz, which is the frequency of vibration, which is the emotional frequency of vibration.

You have to know that there is no such thing as matter. That is why quantum physicists don’t say that we see, but that we perceive. What you believe to see, was created by thought and vibration. As mentioned before, if you don’t and can’t believe that you can create a certain object, you will not be able to create it. Your belief is of utmost importance to manifest.

To manifest instantly is done in an enironment of non-existance of the space-time continuum. Remember when you have been very happy, time seemed to stop, but hours flew. You have been out of the space-time continuum. If you get yourself feel so happy and lightly, you are near to the “lightness of being”.
Understand that we live in the now. When you wish to get something in the future, you can’t get it, because the future is always in the future, but you are and stay in the now. What should you wish for? Wish to “perceive” what you desire. Whatever you want is there in the now, it only has to become denser and you have to raise your emotional frequency of vibration to perceive it. Think of a radio. You have to look for a specific channell to hear the music of your choice. This channel transmits this music on a specific frequency of vibration, which is measured in Hertz.l

We, who live in a space-time continuum and have desires, want to manifest all kinds of objects and special situations and we want to stay in space and time and perceive what we desire. What does it take to manifest quickly or “almost” instantly.

Believe to get what you wantYou have to believe. If you don’t believe that you will live in a beautiful estate, you will never be able to rent or buy one. This is why it is so important to work on your belief system and change false beliefs that are embedded in your subconscious mind.

It is a root belief, which makes you believe that you can learn to manifest much faster and increase the speed of manifestation until you manifest almost instantly.

Do you believe that you can manifest anything?
Do you believe that you can increase the speed of manifestation?
How much do you believe in yourself?
Do you believe that you can learn to manifest almost instantly?


What happens when someone manifests instantly?

If you want to manifest something, you have to focus strongly on an object being in a specific frequency of vibration for a certain period of time. Important is the vibration. You are not attracting anything. You perceive when you are in the right frequency of vibration. You are in the right frequency of vibration, when you feel as you will feel when the desired object is part of your life.

The stronger the focus and the higher the frequency of vibration, the shorter is the manifestation process.

Strength of Focus + Height of Frequency of Vibration + Time = Manifested Object

I have to make a correction: Your frequency of vibration has to be in alignment with the feeling you will have when you perceive the desired object.

Most people are not able to focus strongly enough and are not able to reach a frequency of vibration as high as it is needed to manifest instantly. This is why most people need a long time to manifest anything.

There are people who are able to focus very strongly and keep their strong focus on the thought and imagination of want they desire. These people are vibrating with a high frequency and they are meditating regularly.

Most people are influenced by people who surround them, the media, including the internet,phone calls and much more. Very few people are able to keep their focus strongly on one thought for as long as needed to manifest fast. Some monks, who live apart from civilization, are able to manifest almost instantly.

When you get very near of being able to manifest instantly, your desires will change. You will not wish matter, but spirituality.


How could you learn instant manifestation?

How to manifest instantlyTo be able to manifest instantl you have to meditate regualrly, controle your thoughts and practice focusing. You need to have a firm belief that it is absolutely possible to quickly manifest what you want. You have to raise your emotional frequency of vibration, which one can only do continually.

I repeat: Learning to meditate and meditate regularly for a minimum of twenty minutes twice a day and exercises to keep your thoughts focused, is one part of learning to manifest instantly. It will be necessary to leave the civilization and stay away from it for some time, while you meditate for several hours each day.

With meditation I mean serious mantra meditation. It is also helpful if you learn martial arts as while you learn martial arts you also learn to focus better.

If you learn to meditate and learn martial arts, you will exercise focusing and with practicing to focus, you will manifest faster and faster.

People who use Mind Movies throughout the day manifest faster with each accomplished manifestation. Mind Movies are a helpful tool to manifest faster and faster. Combine Mind Movies with meditation and after some time you will manifest almost instantly.

It is necessary to replace false beliefs, especially the false belief that you can’t manifest almost instantly with the belief that you can. You also have to get yourself into a higher frequency of vibration and stay in it. The moment you believe that almost anything is possible also the frequency in which you vibrate rise. At the other hand, if you believe that almost anything is possible, you will also believe that you are able to learn to manifest almost instantly.

Start with easy focusing exercises and try to get yourself into a higher frequency of vibration. Be happy most of the time, that means be in a state of inner happiness, of being fulfilled, of love, of lightness of being. Too many people are in that state only a few times in their entire life. It is a feeling only people who meditate regularly can get themselves into and only people who meditate regularly long enough can stay in that feeling.


Are people able to manifest instantly and if yes how

I will explain how someone can manifest instantly, but if you hope to be able to manifest instantly from scratch, I have to disappoint you. To perceive an object the density of subatomic particles that come together to form the manifested object rise.

Not before I read about people living today, who are able to manifest instantly, did I believe what is written in the bible in the New Testament. Jesus could manifest instantly. When his disciples told him that the people listening to his speech were hungry, he let them go with baskets that were suddenly filled with loafs of bread and fish. It was more than enough that after all were satiated there were still quite a few loafs of bread and fish left.

How does something get manifested instantly

Everything has its roots in the mind of someone. To manifest you have to focus your thoughts to the object you want to manifest over a specific period of time or the focus is so strong that it activates the needed frequency of vibration in a certain strength that radiates far, so the manifesting process is shorter. (The frequency of vibration is controlled by the feelings of the person.) Physicists would explain it differently, what happens and the result is the same.

Often enoughh Jesus said: “Not I, it was your belief.....”

I see it as a mathematical equation: To manifest a certain object, you need

Focus + Frequency of Vibration + Time = Manifested Object

A specific thought generates a specific feeling. This feeling is responsible for the frequency of vibration. The nigher this frequency the shorter the time of maniestation.

A regular person is able to focus that much and that strong, but not more. He is able to achieve a frequency of vibration that high, but seldom higher and that long of a period of time, but not longer. This is the reason that regular people need a relatively long time to manifest anything. A regualr person is not able to manifest instantly!

People, who are able to manifest instantly are some Buddhist monks. They are able to keep their focus on a specific thought and they are naturally vibrating with a high vibration. It is people, who are meditating regularly, who are not influenced by the outside world and their desires are not purely matter.


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